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 When did this shit become trending

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PostSubject: When did this shit become trending   Thu Sep 10, 2015 9:33 pm

0. Mew real name is Primo.
1. Mew go to an arts school where he study theatre.
2, Mew used to play competative tf2. He mained the spy, and played it in UGC's platnium devision during Season 6.
3. Mew doesn't live with any of his parents
4. Mew used to be a driver in Pokemon Showdown's Roleplaying room, under the name "bote." He joined that room around June 23th, got voice at October 23rd, 2014, and got a driver status on October 31st, 2014. This driver status was temporary, and became pernament on November 7th, 2014
5. Mew's first PC shooter was Battlefield Heroes
6. Mew is a male, 16 year-old who is turning 17 on the first of October.
7. Mew work at an internship at a book store every other saturday
8. Mew's sexual preference is bisexual
9. Mew's favorite academic subject in school currently is English.
10. Mew's favorite artist is Daft Punk
11. During Mew's sophomore year, he had to stay home from school for about a month because he had whooping cough
12. Despite having good Public Speaking skills, Mew often has trouble reading out loud, and speaking when it comes to reading scripts for a cold read out loud, or from a textbook.
13. Both of Mew's parents have PTSD
14. Mew's father at 15 was apart of the circus while he was running away from home.
15. Mew has been in academies sense the Dino Rabbit format, and has played YGO on and off.
16. Mew's favorite pokemon legendaries are Celebi, Suicune, and Mew
17. Mew could not speak english until he was 5 years old.
18. Mew procastinates. A lot.
19. Mew loves emotional and romantic anime.
20. Mew's favorite color is turquoise
21. Mew knows a ton of foreign film. He saw a lot of films in general, so he probably does not remember all of them, and especially would not remember their titles
22. Mew's father likes to review films on his own time.
23. Mew has some experiance in fencing.
24. In school, Mew is known for being extremely outgoing, and bubbly. He probably has the biggest character out of his pool of friends.
25. Mew has a friend who is currently a Legendary Eagle in CS:GO, whos brother (who Mew is really good friends with) reached Diamond in LoL
26. Mew uses 90% zoom when on any academy.
27. Mew's favorite anime is cats.
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When did this shit become trending
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