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 Guess I'm doing one of these shits too... ugh

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PostSubject: Guess I'm doing one of these shits too... ugh   Thu Sep 10, 2015 10:05 pm

1.) I have three elder half brothers and two younger adopted sisters
2.) That makes me the only child by birth from my parents.
3.) Nearly full German, father is full, mother is half.
4.) Speak very little German, not much need for it.
5.) I'm Tama. But you all know that already.
6.) I almost never eat by virtue of being too lazy to get up and get it.
7.) I don't masturbate as often as Ruby or Fire, once every 2-3 days.
8.) I wear glasses, who would have guessed?
9.) Favorite color is purple obv.
10.) Insulting people is how I talk to friends, stop feeling bad pls.
11.) Ermergerd I have feelings @_@ Sometimes I wish I didn't
12.) Agnostic
13.) Bi now, used to be hard core straight. (Ruby did NOT make me bi, srry)
14.) Addition to that, stabbed someone with a pen in grade 6 for calling me a homo
15.) I almost failed HS. Read too much in class.
16.) Loving gaming, pref RPG and FPS. Only dislike sports.
17.) Souls games are my favorite.
18.) Love reading as shown by 15, however laziness prevents me reading Fanfics most of the time.
19.) Favorite Series is Wheel of Time (not done lel.)
20.) Favorite Novel? Too many good ones to choose.
21.) I have a dog. Black lab. Dying of cancer ;~;
22.) I don't watch things often, spend most of my free time on here or reading.
23.) My favorite musics and Rock and metal, mostly from 80's bands from all around the world.
24.) I hate country, but don't hate nightcore was much as I pretend to (still nowhere near my favorite.)
25.) Laziness taking over Thinking of more shit getting difficult.
26.) Apparently I'm "very throw able" according to a friend of mine who picked me up and threw me a good 10-15 feet.
27.) I landed it.
28.) Despite my Supreme Laziness I'm surprisingly fit, unless it's stairs. You have no idea how close to home that hit nec. No idea.
29.) I hate Tuesday.
30.) I'm horribly curious and like to know just about everything about everything. This means I'm very nosy. Deal with it.
31.) I like to revisit old topics often.
32.) I Didn't and still don't have much "friends" No surprise there really.
33.) I need to get to 42 because reasons.
34.) I'm rather conservative and dislike public displays of affection, though I do have a bit of Joker that likes to surface every now and then.
35.) Large groups of people, including a crowded chat room make me anxious.
36.) If I'm in public I usually don't speak or move for fear of saying or doing something embarrassing.
37.) I have a comprehensive plan to take over the world.
38.) Immortality. Want that shit.
39.)  Reeaalllyyy don't like the whole Tyrannical Nazi Bitch thing. Legit cri myself to sleep. Tryin muh best to do what right y'know? Cut the hate.
40.) Been staff on nearly four dozen acads despite how much I'm hated, must be doing something right I guess?
41.) Thought I forgot about this one didnt you? B-day is Nov 7. I'm older than you. Figure it out.
42.) Is the Answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything.

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PostSubject: Re: Guess I'm doing one of these shits too... ugh   Thu Sep 10, 2015 11:59 pm

I got the 42 reference XD. I love Hitchhiker's Guide , it's one of my favorites(the movie adaptation was bad)
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Guess I'm doing one of these shits too... ugh
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