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 Random facts about Necruta

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Posts : 264
Join date : 2015-05-27
Age : 23
Location : The Netherlands

PostSubject: Random facts about Necruta   Fri Sep 11, 2015 12:45 am

1. I have 5 scars on my body, one on my forehead caused by a ski, one on my left hand which has the shape of an upsidedown triangle with the top cut off from falling on a triangle shaped pipe, one on my knee which I got by falling through a greenhouse, one on the bottom of my foot due to glass and one underneat my nose which got there since a waterski hit my nose.
2 I've broken both of my thumbs when I was little, both while skiing.
4. I actually walked into the same lamppost twice the first time was 4 years ago and the second time was 2 years ago both were on the same day
5 I've only been to Belgium, Germany, Austria, France, Portugal and Andorra
6.I somehow can remember almost every random fact someone tells me but when it comes to important stuff I always forget what I have to say.
7. I often forget what I want to say mid sentence
8. for those who didn't knew yet, I lack most emotions. blame bullying for that.
9. I joined online communities because of the BEN Drowned ARG
10. my imagination is so wierd at times that I get "scared" since my mind projected a wierd figure in the darkness which moves and just I don't know looks like could kill me at any given time.
11.I have no siblings
12. My birthday is on 15th December
13. I've skied on a fairly high international level to the point wereI got free from my freshman year to participate in a international contest, and when I was at my best was 10th out of 50 people in my age group.
14. The sports which I did at a recreational level were: soccer or football, tennis and water skiing.
15. I'm a licensed ski instructor.
16. Although gun ownership in the Netherlands is strict I have shot with guns.
17. I'm 100% dutch, as far as I know none of my ancestors have been from any place besides the Netherlands.
18. I speak Dutch and English fluently, am able to have basic conversations and understand the grammar of German and understand and save myself in French.
19. I've never had any relationship.
20. All the people who I viewed as friends in the past have either betrayed me or moved on and I didn't keep in contact. Thus at the moment I don't have anyone who I can refer to as a friend and have slight trust issues.
21. Once I trust someone I will go through fire for them.
22. I'm extremely loyal towards others I trust, work together with or I work for.
23. I own 6 pairs of skis, 1 training pair for the artificial snow, 1 training pair for real snow, 1 contest pair for artificial snow, 1 contest pair for real snow, 1 pair for giant slalom and 1 pair which I use for fun.
24. My reflexes are extremely fast, which has been proven multiple times during sports.
25. Dogs terrify me to the point where I froze up and could only yell NO at a point in time.
26. I own a game boy colour, n64, GBA, GBA lite Nes version, Game cube, wii, DS lite, 3DS and a Wii U which I all bought from my own money.
27. I've visited a psychologist for almost a year due to bullying.
28. During those visits I figured out that I limit myself mentally by using around 30% of my brain to prepare for things before they happen so that I'm prepared for most things sometimes to the point of manipulating people into a situation I simulated in my head.
29. I play ygo irl maining Super Heavy Samurais and trolling the crap out of locals with them.
30. I'm a introvert and usually keep on the background during social gatherings unless they talk about things I can relate to or understand and then usually get told to drop the topic quickly due to me rambling.
31. I own a decorative sacrificial dagger which hangs above my bed.
32. I have little to no discipline when it comes to doing things for my own good but I do have it when other people are involved.
33. I graduated high school on a Essay on Alchemy to Chemistry for which I received a 8 out of 10.
34. When I graduated from High School I had to swear under Oath that I did not cheat during the final exam for Math since I scored 3.5 points higher than my 2 year average and the exams had been leaked, the source being a school 2 km away from my school.
35. According to my parents it's not know whether I was right or left handed since I switched hands so often during tennis or other things, but due to school right has become my main hand for writing but in Larp and activities which require grabbing things I prefer left to be my steering hand and right being my "power" hand.
36. I created a triple coded language in which I wrote stuff for Larp plans I had but forgot the code and am now unable to read it myself.
37. I took latin and ancient greek during my freshman year but dropped it since I found it rather boring.
38. I'm very messy, both in person, when cleaning, in my head and in my way of speaking often switching to another topic before the current one is finished to explain something which has a link to another story which tells you about a person who did a thing once which then relates to the original topic I was talking about. This is an annoying habit which runs in my family.
39. I was once a skipping stone at 43 KM/h. I was water skiing and during a tight turn I was yanked out of my water ski causing my to fly over the water in a spinning motion and the speed and spinning apparently caused my life jacket to function as a flat enough surface for me to skip 3 times.
40. While I can ski, swim or skate for long periods of time I can't run for long periods of time and am a rather slow runner but a fast sprinter.
41. Golden Sun has to be my favorite game of all time, that or The World Ends With You. (one day I shall have a physical copy!!!)
42. The emotions I can currently feel and recognize are: Hatred, Sadness and Fear.
43. I'm rather Emphatic if I focus hard enough
44. When I read someone's text online my head usually automatically gives them a specific tone and way of speaking. These only go away once my unconscious thinks you can be somewhat trusted.
45. I've studied Applied ICT for half a year but quit because I thought the subject matter was too dry.
46. Currently I'm studying coastal zone management.
47. I used to want to become a Geologist but due to the school system in the Netherlands after the 2nd year of secondary school that became impossible for me.
48. I've skied almost as long as I've RPed which is 17 years now.
49. I can imagine vivid pictures in my head but are unable to draw them and once I imagined them they won't leave my head.
50. I wear glasses or lenses depending on the fact if I have enough money to buy lenses and whether I am Larping or not.
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Posts : 264
Join date : 2015-05-27
Age : 23
Location : The Netherlands

PostSubject: Re: Random facts about Necruta   Tue Sep 22, 2015 4:56 pm

Might as well continue this.

51. I'm good at keeping secrets.
52. my favorite book series is the kingkiller series.
53. I've worked in the catering industry from age 14 to age 18 and during those 4 years I've basically done everything except made coffee.
54. I am able to prepare skis from the moment they leave the store, that means sharpening, waxing and putting on the ski bindings.
55. Still don't have a drivers license.
56. I see darker with one eye, however with that eye I see clearer but if I have both eyes open I see the world in a lighter tone but with the same eye sight as my darker eye.
57. I'm a fairly lazy person when I have to do something which just concerns me, but when it involves other people I will attempt to do it as best as I can.
58. I used to drink coffee when I was young but for some reason I no longer do.
59. I own 7 Larp weapons, a throwing knife, a 40 cm long manchette, a kama (still looking for the 2nd one), a 80 cm long katana, a 110cm long elfen long sword, a 110 cm long runic long sword and a 180 quarterstaff.
60. TWEWY definately has my favorite OST out of every videogame I've ever played.
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PostSubject: Re: Random facts about Necruta   Tue Sep 22, 2015 8:36 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Random facts about Necruta   

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Random facts about Necruta
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