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 Largekids factopalooza

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Large Kid

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PostSubject: Largekids factopalooza   Fri Sep 11, 2015 1:38 am


1) I have been playing Video games since i was 4

2) My dad has been whipping my arse at video games since i was 4...

3) I have been playing YuGiOh since i was 6... well if you can call what i did when i was 6 playing.

4) My favorite sport is football I played through middle school and high school.

5) I liked to tackle people.

6)I'm Bi. And nobody knew that until now.

7) I am the only male member in my family to not join the military

8)i have 3 younger brothers.

9) Some of my favorite games were Madden Career mode for '06-'08 are really fun.
10) I am currently in a band with my friends that we named A Fate Of Fire. i don't kno Wrestlyedw why we named it that...
11) I absolutely LOVE KoRn cause they saved me.
12) tying in with number 11 i considered suicide for quite a bit of time until about December of this year.

13) I love the HERO archetype because when i was young i loved the way that the four main ones combined into so many different HEROs

14) I wrestled for 2 years

15) In RPG games I like to be a Foiter (fighter) type character because i can build my health and defence up and survive errthang.

16) Much like in RPG games I like to play Tanky Fighters in LoL cause i can.

17) I placed 5th at a state debate competition.

18) I love spicy food.

19) My best friend and I plan to run LoL duo que ranked until we go plat.

20) I love SDA and all y'all nubs and nublets

21) All my exes are crazy.


da new theme song

dats what speed do.

The greatest show on URF

I'm gonna spell. it. out. for ya. S-A-W-F-T SAWFT!
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PostSubject: Re: Largekids factopalooza   Fri Sep 11, 2015 3:16 am

wait ur bi? never knew o.o wut a way to come out my nigga largo

and if u ever kill urself ill revive then u kill u again coach hines style



no jams for nao o.o forgets the rest of the convo
fakepolo is such a fakepolo nublet it hurts o.o deres a time and place for that .-. HYPE HYPE


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Largekids factopalooza
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