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 Some number of facts u might didnt know about me ???

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PostSubject: Some number of facts u might didnt know about me ???   Fri Sep 11, 2015 4:01 am

Yo since almost everyone does this i will too i gues.
Just going with the flow.
Some of my statements do u all maby already know maby not O.o

1) Everyone already knows this but just putting a bigger big mark on it XD. I do love JessWolfa <3 <3 <3

2) I am prob the only on in the academy wo met Nec in rl

3) Me and luna were friends since the first second we met at Red Dragon Academy.

4) I am bullied now for 7 years straight. (keep fighting tho doesntreally seem to help ) O.o

5) My dream is to meet Eminem in rl ^^

6) My mother died 7 years ago

7) My fav colour is green

8.) I spend more then 7 hours of a day together with Jess ^^

9) I can sleep while drinving my bike

10) Luna is my best friend ^^

11) Its my little sister s b-day

12) I tried to make youtube videos with my little brother

13) I am 19

14) I live in holland/ the netherlands

15) I do want to work for the game industry after i finished my studies

16) I am a surviror of the firework disaster in Enschede in at 13th of may 2000 O.o

17) My mother was a artist and was asked my by our queen to become her personal hat maker

18) I started Judo when i was 4

19) I won severl Medals/prizes in Judo and Jujitsu competitions.

20) I dislike swimming

21) My life is a nightmare without Jess

22) My fav champ in Leage is Jinx

23)Im left handed

24) I am able to sleep anywhere anytime

25) I eat aloy of turkish pizza

26) I kinda dislike a lot of people on SDA i gues O.o ( but u will never know if ur one of them :3)

27) I dont know anymore what to write but wanted to ad a 27th statement.

28) Came up with something else.

29) Im only here because Jess , Luna, Ailo are here (Just being Honest)

30) That is all and yush i hit the 30 *cheers*

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Some number of facts u might didnt know about me ???
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