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 Yu-gi-oh! Duelist soul chapter 32:the overlords plan

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PostSubject: Yu-gi-oh! Duelist soul chapter 32:the overlords plan   Mon Sep 28, 2015 7:17 pm

As the tournament goes smoothly Benway looks nervously at the screens that all appear to be recording every duel going on in the city. His nervous look stems from the fact that Yusuke and Kizaru are dueling but no live feed can be found. ''Where are those two,''asked Ben as he slams his hand against his desk''Any feed from their duel?''
All the people working in the tower work quickly but have no luck finding him.
Over at the city Yusuke grits his teeth as Kizaru summoned a monster he has never seen before. ''Whats the matter Yusuke, scared,''asked Kizaru as he laughs wicked as a dark aura surrounds him,''No need this duel will end soon enough.''

''What do you mean by that,''asked Yusuke

''Just watch,''said Kizaru as he raises his hand up ''I activate the effect of The fake prince of wind, by bouncing back one card on my field I can destroy one card on my opponents field.''

As he does this the prince flares its wings open as it flaps them together. Both wings send enough force to bounce back both pendulum cards into Kizarus hand. ''By sending back two cards I will destory your master key beetle then your armor master.''

The princes flies up into the sky as it blocks out the sunlight. When its shadow casts over the field it falls down to the ground and slams into Yusuke's monsters destroying them.

''Now my prince attack Yusuke directly DEATH SPIRAL BIRAGE''said Kizaru as the monster heads towards Yusuke and spins its body through him.


''Next I activate my monstes second effect if I have more life points then my opponent after the battle phase he can banish two cards from my opponents grave,''said Kizaru as his monster flaps its wings together sending a torrent of wind at Yusuke,''I pick your bora and zephyros.''

As this happens both bora and zephyros get banished from the grave. ''I end my turn.''

Standing back up after that intense attack Yusuke looks at his deck and his hand. He looks worried as this situation looks almost hopeless. Gritting his teeth he puts his finger on the top card of his deck.

''Its my turn draw,''said Yusuke as he looks at the card in his hand and smiles,''I normal summon Kalut the moon shadow in attack position.''

Kalut flies out of the sky and lands on Yusukes head as it stares at the prince with wild eyes. ''Next I special summon Gale the whirlwind,''said Yusuke as gale pops up next to Kalut,''Now I use Gales effect to cut your monster attack in half.''

Gale twirls around as a gust of wind slams against the prince and causes it to lower itself to the ground.

The fake prince of wind: 2700->1350

''Now I tune my level three gale with my level three Kalut,''said Yusuke as gale turns into three rings of light that Kalut flies into,''With wings of black and sword of ebony take flight Nothung the starlight.''

Soon a blackwing wielding a massive sword appears and slams down on the ground.

Nothung:2400 atk, 1600 def

''I activate his effect when he is special summoned my opponent takes eight hundred points of damage and one of his monsters loses eight hundred attack,''said Yusuke as Nothung slams his sword into the ground causes a shockwave to ripple across the field.

The fake prince: 1350-550

''Next I use Nothung's effect to summon again this turn and I summon blizzard,''said Yusuke as Blizzard flies into the field and picks Kalut out of the grave,''With his effect to special summon another blackwing in grave I tune them together in order to summon Armades.''


''Now armades attack his monster,''said Yusuke as Armades sends a beam of light at the prince destroying it.


''Now nothung attack him directly,''commanded Yusuke as Nothung slashes at Kizaru dropping his life points to zero. After the attack hit everything went dark as the area around them broke apart revealing that they were in the center of the city.


''We've found them sir,''said one of the workers as Benway rushes back to look at the screen. ''Good Yusuke is safe,''said Benway as he sees the Yusuke has earned twenty points for the round robin.

Back at the city, Yusuke looks around surprised as he sees so many people around him. ''How did they all suddenly appear,''asked Yusuke as he peeks at Kizaru to only see the fake prince card turn to dust in his hand.

Across from the city a dark heart beats as its aura grows stronger. The masked man looks at this in amazement,''Who would have guesses that this tournament would full fill your rebirth faster my lord.''

Falling across the ground a random group of duelist get knocked out as Zeke steps over them. ''Weaklings..all of them,''said Zeke as he sense their power go into the heart of the overlord,''Oh boy..soon enough this world is going to lose its head.''

----------------to be continued-------
chapter 33: The dragon king rises!
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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist soul chapter 32:the overlords plan
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