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 Kitty movie review: Insurgent

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Kitty Mew Mew

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PostSubject: Kitty movie review: Insurgent   Sun Oct 04, 2015 5:48 pm

Insurgent is this years other tween drama/romance/dystopia film. This means we have a trio of those movies before hunger games ends *cue air horns*. In all honesty I did enjoy this movie at first...then I questioned everything about this film and realized it is utter shit. Now before we review this lets recap the first movie!

Divergent is a dystopia film about generic girl #23 doing a test to see what class in society she fits in. This sounds like an interesting idea....then you learn they can pick whatever despite the test. That little detail can make anyone with brain just question the need for this test if these people still have the choice of class to be in for the rest of their lives. So generic girl learns she is a divergent, this means she can fit into any class and this is a big problem. Why is it a problem? I don't know most of this movie is forgettable. This film goes through the motions of her training then calling in love with this guy named four. Hell their romance feels more forced then asuna x kirito, these two actors don't seem to have any chemistry at all. Besides that there is this plot of the main baddie Jeanine wanting to over throw the current leaders by controlling the cities police force. Everything after here is a blur.

Now onto Insurgent...this movie is very meh. Like you know something is bad when you can't remember who is who and if they killed the main villain in the first movie, but apprantly she is alive. The very opening of this movie commits several sins.

1)The audience has no clue as to where these guys are.
2) They are still in the city even though the first film made it look like they left
3) the people hunting them for some reason have tech that can find divergents even though the first movie said they are impossible to detect.
4) There is clearly a shot of four about to get hit by the train but he somehow gets an extra jump even though the early scene didn't show him having a good distance.
5) Jeanine finds an artifact that was never mentioned in the first movie but just happens to be important

The rest of the movie is as bland as you can get, they find a resistance, Jeanine threatens generic girl by making some mind controlled people jump to their deaths inside of controlling everyone in the resistance base(i skipped over the scene of several people being shot with machines that control their minds)

The later half of the film is this test sequence that generic girl must pass in order to open this artifact. She does and the artifact reveals that divergent good! city massive test! people can leave! and they do.

That is about it, everyone leaves the city even though the wall around them isn't that big and there was absolutely nothing stopping them from venturing beyond the wall.

Insurgent: 6.3/10
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Kitty movie review: Insurgent
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