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 To Large Kid

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PostSubject: To Large Kid   Mon Oct 19, 2015 3:50 am

Here is some context. So, I see kid online, and this is at about 11pm PST, and he thinks that I am a very talented mod, and that I should take his place. A lot of shit that is actually not true and I don't want him to be thinking. So now, I am thinking "I might as well get his head straight now." Then This Conversation Happens. (I have screenshot proof of the last part if you really do not believe me).

Dear Large Kid
We cannot see you suffer like this. The last time you made a post saying you were leaving, reading it I felt concerned. I felt that there was something that wasn't right. I wasn't getting it a lot of the time, but now I started to get something.

And just to be confirmed that is more painful. To have that gut feeling that a friend of your is not okay, then that being confirmed. Its not a nice feeling. It doesn't make me feel happy. It wouldn't make any of us feel happy at all.

I want people to know this, mostly because you need help. You say you don't, but you do. We can all see signs of it, saying that you need help. I have no idea what your going through, but I don't think any of us likes what your going through. We don't like that its happening.

We are all here for you. I don't care what you tell yourself, but there is no way you can end up disconnecting yourself from us truely. We do not want to see any of our friends pull the plug on their own lifes. We don't want to see our friends hate themselves for who they are. We want all of our friends to be happy. We want all of our friends to have fun. We don't want to see our friends free fall in the hole that has no visible end.

I know you wouldn't want me to do this, but I am doing it anyway. Because I know it is the better thing for you to do. I am doing this, because you need to wake up. You need to remember how many friends you have that are there for you. You need to remember, that you do need help. You need to remember, that you shouldn't hate relying on help.

We can only help you so much though. And I hate saying that. I really do. You need to get some professional help. Something, just stop not wanting to ask for help. Suicide Hotlines are there, just because people want to help other people get through their dark times. Please, just stop stabbing yourself over and over again.

Dazo and the Rest of SDA

P.S. Nice, encouraging things please. Also do not fucking move this or delete this.

P.S.S. Kid, If I knew you in real life, you know what I would do? I would come to you, and I would hang out together. We would isolate ourselfs from the world, and I would just sit there, and listen to you. I'll do whatever you want to do with you. If that meant staring at each other and watching pain dry, or if that meant playing mario party or YGO. If you needed food, I would try to go out and get you something. Whatever you would want. If you wanted me to cook something, I would try. I am not the best cook. But we wouldn't leave that room. We wouldn't leave it, until we were both ready. When we could both say "That you are ready to go on back out there." We would leave that room. We wouldn't leave till then.
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To Large Kid
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