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 The Grand Falling Chapter 1: A Meeting of Chance

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PostSubject: The Grand Falling Chapter 1: A Meeting of Chance   Sat Nov 28, 2015 2:41 am

      It was a simple Sunday afternoon in the village of Forenzia. The bright and shining atmosphere gave a unique warmth to the all of the villagers and the clouds rolling by were bright as can be.

       The vendors in the streets selling products from other villages and even the kingdoms. The water hole was full of children of all ages splashing about and playing. The farmers were out in the fields threshing their grains with their tied clubs and making new spots for crops. The dirt path leading outward towards the lush landscapes of this world felt invigorating as a light breeze filled the air. Many farmers enjoy delivering crops mostly for the scenery in which they get to enjoy on their way out.

       Walking down the dirt path towards the village were two unique individuals. One was an elderly man with a staff he was using as a walking stick. He gave off a feeling a grandeur and wisdom as he walked down next to his associate. His associate being a small girl of about twelve years with lush and bright and long pink hair.

        She wore a dress and small shoes that seems as though they were more for training and less for walking around. She had on a backpack and 2 cases for what appeared to be musical instruments on her back, all of this weight making her sweat the same as any farmer would. Despite many people asking if she needed help, she declined and went about her walk.

     She looked on towards a farmhouse that could be seen in the distance and then the kind, old man. His face gave a smile of warm and joy and the girl gave back a similar smile. She was excited as she spoke with a voice like a little angel to the elderly man. She said, “Sensei Morikawa! We’re here! I can’t believe it!”

       The man named Morikawa gave a slight cough and the smiled as he said, “Indeed Viola.” Viola walked down the hill slowly so as to not drop her heavy load on her back as she went down to her home at the bottom of the hill.

     When she got past the gate to her home, she rested her backpack and cases on the patio deck of the farmhouse and went inside.

       The room was blue and white with a fireplace and pictures hanging in frames on the walls. The floor was a nice hardwood and the pathway lead into the fields. Viola walked through to find her father tending the fields and when he looked on towards her, he got up and held his arms open as Viola ran to give him a hug. He was very sweaty from working, but that did not deter Viola from giving her father a hug.

      She had tears in her eyes and said, “Papa, it is so good to see you!” Viola’s father smiled and said, “Hey there pumpkin. Good to see you again.” Morikawa followed in and said, “Richard, good to see you again.” Richard smiled and gave a wink that said, “Nice seeing you too old timer.”

       Morikawa decided to let them have their time to themselves while he wandered to find Maria and Tony. After the hug subsided, Richard told Viola to go get her new toys and show them what she learned while she was away.

       Viola went to the patio and opened up one of her cases. She then assembled a flute made of bamboo. Soon after, her mother and older brother arrived and sat down alongside her father and Morikawa. Viola began playing her flute music. It was a rendition of Prokofiev’s Flute Sonata in D said Morikawa as they continued to listen to Viola.

       The sunny atmosphere rang out with the melody of the flute and nature seemed to be smiling. The workers and other farmers around the farm stopped to listen to the grand song playing before them and some swayed along to its harmonizing rhythms while others whistled as they worked. There was no denying anything. Viola was an extremely talented flutist.

       Just as she finished, the flute extended into a staff and Viola became to run at targets Morikawa set up to show her skills in her four years of training. Morikawa explained about her training in the art of Bosonojutsu and said how impressed he was by her training over the years.

       Viola managed to successfully strike four of the five targets and as she went to strike the last target, a large scale crash noise and a quake following it rang throughout the farmhouse. The magnitude of which was off the charts. Viola was rocked by the quake and her staff flew out of her hand and into the forest. Viola then told her family she was going to go retrieve it.

       The forest near her house was a symbol of fear for her when she was a child as this world harbored many strange creatures. However now that she was twelve years old, she had little fear in walking through it. As she made it to a clearing in the middle of the woods where she found her flute and put it up, she discovered something else that was extraordinary.

       It was a cloaked figure resting within a giant crater. The cloak was black and purple and had accents of gold incorporated along its borders. Viola slid down the sloped ring of the crater to take a further look. She reached out and felt a chill go down her spine. Whatever was under there was surely to be hurt, so she ignored the chill and removed the cloak.

       Under the cloak was a boy who looked about Viola’s age, maybe even older. That was not all that was strange about this boy. He had a sort of pale blue skin as well as horns, and pointed ears. His hair was messy and was colored purple and as Viola felt the head of hair, it was soft, yet clad with rubble from the dirt. Next to the boy were a large sword and a book.

       As Viola went to grab the book, a hand shot out and grabbed her wrist. The boy awoke and said something in a language Viola had never heard before looking at her in the eyes. Viola looked into his eyes as well. They showed a solemn feeling of pain and sorrow as well as fear. The boy did something at that moment that shocked Viola tremendously.

       The boy leaned closer but suddenly blushed slightly and tried to get out of the crater with his items. Eventually he fell down and said some more words Viola could only process were his equivalents of curse words.

       Eventually, Viola’s father and Morikawa came in looking for her and found her within the crater and next to the boy. The boy was cautious of the new men and seemed to act in self defense by throwing a punch at Morikawa. He however caught the punch and put a hand on his forehead.

       Suddenly Morikawa started speaking in the same language as the boy and the boy looked confused. Morikawa and the boy held a conversation for a bit and disclosed some info on the boy. The boy apparently has amnesia so he has no clue who he is and where he even is.

       Viola was surprised in the moment and thought, “That boy… What is he? I’ve never seen a person like him before.”

       Morikawa nodded and said to the boy “You should come back to the house over there. it is a safe haven for you.” The boy was confused, but nodded his head.

       After helping him out of the pit, Viola managed to grab his items and the boy looked worried. Viola then tried to hold a conversation with the boy, but his lack of English was troubling in this endeavour.

       Eventually they reached the house and Viola’s mother went to the boy and wrapped his many injuries with gauze and bandages. Initially he held back, but Viola convinced him to hold his arms out.

       The day went about like normal until the night followed. It was time to suggest who he would sleep with. Viola offered but when her father wanted to object to this, the boy grabbed Viola by the arm and showed a sign of determination.

      Maybe it was because she was the first one he saw or what but they seemed inseparable.

      Eventually Richard gave way and allowed them to sleep in the same room. Viola made a spare bed for him and the boy went to sleep almost instantly. Viola looked to him and rubbed his hair once more.

      This boy was, without any doubt, strange. He seemed as if he was in pain, but he slept like a child. Viola was then determined. She would help this boy regain his memories no matter the cost. Starting however with trying to understand him. However that could wait until tomorrow.

      Viola got in her bed and turned off the lights. She then let the bliss of her bed take her away into her dreams...
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The Grand Falling Chapter 1: A Meeting of Chance
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