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 What is: Yugioh season 0

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PostSubject: What is: Yugioh season 0   Sat Feb 28, 2015 7:49 pm

Welcome to a new seers I like to call What is?, where I go over lesser known shows, games, and other random things I happen to know of. In this debut topic, I am going over the lesser-known season 0 of the Yugioh anime. Let us go!:

The main difference between this and the other Yugioh series is less card influence and a ton more badassery. Most events that occur have the following happen; Something happens to our main group and it screws over the group, Yugi goes Yami form and plays a "game" with the villain, this game is typically simple, the villain loses and gets banished to the Shadow Realm by Yami. One of the best moments is when a train the group is on gets high jacked by a guy with a gun. The guy is having his way with Anzu(TeĆ”) and Yugi transforms to save her. He then plays a game where you can only move 1 finger. The guy chooses his pointer while Yami choose his thumb. Yugi the puts a lit lighter on the guy's hand that if he shoots, will ignite his drink and set him on fire. The guy cheats and is punished accordingly.

So as you can tell, this an amazing season of the show and I highly recommend you guys try to find it on YT or online. You won't regret it.
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What is: Yugioh season 0
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