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 Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 27: Synchros vs superheavy; Keiths test!

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Kitty Mew Mew

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PostSubject: Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 27: Synchros vs superheavy; Keiths test!   Fri Mar 06, 2015 6:42 pm

''I know your here old man,'' yelled Keith as he gets dived kicked in his face. Tumbling down the steps of the temple Keith rolls into a tree hitting his head. ''Huehue you weren't prepared Keith,''said the old man as he lays on his floor crossing his legs. ''Did you have to kick me in the face!''yelled Keith as he gets back up annoyed and confused.

''Well then what brings you here boy,''said the old man as he takes a sip of the tea in his hand. ''Where the hell did you get that?''asked Keith as he remembers the old man wasn't holding tea before. ''HAHAH don't you remember THE GREAT LINSHO NEVER REVEALS HIS SECRETS.''

(opening: )

''Great linsho my ass, you were a perv and a drunk,''said Keith as his annoyance raises to extreme levels. ''What the hell am I supposed to be, I'm eighty three years old and still got the energy of a five year old,''said Linsho as he tosses his tea cup away and jumps down to get infront of Keith.

''Now answer me this, why are you here??'' asked the old man as he closely exams Keith. ''You have some cards that I want back,''said Keith as he puts his duel disk on. ''Ahh so you do remember the old code, you were my favorite student,''said Linsho as he puts on his duel disk.

''Duel''said both Keith and Linsho.

''I'll go first,''said Linsho,''I place one card face down and end my turn.''

''Its my turn,Draw,''said Keith as he looks at the cards he has in hand,''From my hand I discard level eater in order to special summon quickdraw synchron.'' Soon from the ground a robotic cowboy shoots his six chamber pistols into the air before holstering them.

Quickdraw: atk 700/def 1400

''Next I activate tuning which lets me add one synchron tuner to my hand, and I add junk synchron,''said Keith as the card flies out of his deck and into his hand,''by activing this card I have to send the top card of my deck to the grave.'' Once finishing the cards effect Keith draws a card and places it into his grave.

''Now I summon Junk synchron to the field in attack position,''said Keith as a tiny robot jumps onto the field,''Since he was summoned I get to special summon one level 2 of lower monster from my grave to field.'' Junk synchro pulls his hand into the ground and pulls out quillbolt hedgehog.

''Next I use lever eaters effect, by decreasing quickdraws level by one I can special summon him from the grave,''said Keith as the tiny bug crawls up quickdraw's head bitting onto it,''Now I tune my level threeJunk synchron with my level two quillbolt inorder to synchro summon T.G Hyper Librarian.''

As Junk synchron pulls the cord behind his back his body turns into rings that wrap around Quillbolt. Soon a flash of light engulfs him revealing T.G Librarian in the center. ''Now I tune quickdraw and level eater to synchro summon Jet synchron,'' said Keith as a Jet races past him transforming into a robot,''Due to my synchro summoning I get to draw one card by Librarians effect.''

''I guess you picked up a few new tricks eh Keith,''said Linsho as he looks impressed by the feat Keith was able to accomplish. ''I learned some more while I was away,''said Keith as he smirks a rather confident grin,''Now I use Jets effect to bounce your set card back to hand.'' The card gets bounced as Jet kicks it out of the field.

''Now my monsters attack you directly,''yelled Keith as both jet and T.g attack at the same time.

Linsho: 8000-3500

''I end my turn,''said Keith as his monsters go back to him. ''That's my boy I guess I don't need to hold back on you,''said Linsho,''Its my turn Draw.''


''Since I have no spell or trap cards in my grave I get to special summon superheavy samurai sandals,''said Linsho as a pair of sandals come together to form a robotic figure,''Now he counts as two tribute for a machine type monster and I summon Superheavy samurai Big Benkei in defense mode.'' As the sandals disappears a massive robotic samurai enters the field as he slams down his weapon into the ground. ''Next I special summon superheavy samurai trumpeter,''saidLinsho as a small robot holding a trumpet lands on the ground.

''Next I tune my monsters in order to synchro summon Superheavy warlord Susanowo,''said Linsho as a massive samurai unseaths his sword and slashes at the air before lays on the ground with his legs crossed.

Susanowo: 2400 attack/ 3500 def

''Now susanowo can attack you while in defense mode,''said Linsho as Susanowo's eyes spark open and he races towards T.g Librarian.


--------------to be continued----------

chapter 28: The code of bushido, Linsho's lesson.
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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 27: Synchros vs superheavy; Keiths test!
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