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 Tournament Rules

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PostSubject: Tournament Rules   Tue Sep 09, 2014 11:35 pm

Hosting tournaments has a series of requirements and rules to follow.

1. You must have an HDA tournament license.

2. A deadline per duel can not be any shorter than Three days.

3. The host must list the format and amount of duels. If it is not, then the format is TCG/OCG and it will be singles.

4. If there is a God Points reward, deck list reward, GFX reward, etc,then it must be set prior to signups. The reward can not be reduced after the first person other than the host (if he/she does) signs up. However, the reward can be increased. A reward system is optional.

5. Any reward that requires any personal information, such as an address, is forbidden.

6. If there is a reward, then the reward must be created or stored prior. If it is a deck list, gfx design, etc, then it must be created prior. If it is a custom decided by the winner(s) of the reward(s), then before the tournament has started there must be a deadline of when it will be given after the tournament ends, such as seven days after the victory is declared. If it is a God Points reward, then the host must own the posted reward prior to hosting and not go under that amount until is given unless there is a cost to enter the tournament (see cost rules below).

7. Any rules the host decides that his/her tournament will have must be posted prior to anyone other than the host signing up. Rules can not be changed as it goes along unless there is a vote by the contenders and the result is unanimous. The vote will have a week to go through and a notice must be private messaged to all contenders when the voting starts.

8. All disqualifications must be justified.

9. A single person can only host one tournament at a time.

The host can also make tournaments that have a cost to enter. These tournaments have an additional set of rules that must also be followed.

1. A mod or admin must be asked and confirmed with a private message or in the chat box that they will handle the cost and reward system.

2. In the event of the host disqualifying someone, the person does not get his/her God Points back unless it comes out of the hosts own money. All of the possible reasons for a contender being disqualified should be first be made under control by him/her.

3. If the whole tournament is canceled before it starts, all God Points must be given back to the people who signed up.

4. If the whole tournament is canceled while it is ongoing, then anybody promised a reward that has lost must be given that reward, such as a 5th place winner that has lost in a single elimination tournament with a 5th place reward of y amount of God Points. Anybody remaining in the tournament splits the rest of the pot evenly.

There are some notices you should know.

1. If there is a long period of time between someone signing up without an update of when it will start, then the head mod or any admin can cancel the tournament and give everybody who signed up a refund. (10 days without signup/Has not started *Fully signed up*)

2. Some of these rules, may be altered if it is an official tournament. These tournaments are either ran by the head admin, or it is run by someone that the head admin has approved for this.
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Tournament Rules
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