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 Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 28: The code of bushido, Linsho's lesson.

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PostSubject: Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 28: The code of bushido, Linsho's lesson.   Wed Mar 11, 2015 8:07 pm


''Its my turn,Draw,''said Keith as he quickly draws the card out of his deck. Upon looking at it Keith frowns knowing its not the card he needs. ''I set one card face down and switch Jet synchron in defense mode,''said Keith as Jet synchron kneels down with its arms folded. ''Come on Keith you can show me more then that,''said Linsho as he draws his card.

''I summon superheavy samurai flutist,''said Linsho as a flute appears before Linsho and is quickly grabbed by a blue robot that stands in place,''Next by tributing him I can special summon another Superheavy from hand COME FORTH SUPERHEAVY SAMURAI BIG BENKEI.'' As flutist blows a wonderful melody into his flute he disappears as big Benkei twirls his staff around and slams it into the ground.

(opening: )

Standing before his oppenant Keith looks shocked as Linsho now has two power house monsters on his field. ''Impressed are you, this is what one can do when they are in synch with their deck,''said Linsho as he twirls a card in his hand,''This is what your missing Keith.'' ''How am I missing that,''asked Keith as he stands his ground.

''Now I equip superheavy samurai soulpiercer to Susanowo,''said Linsho as Susanowo raises his arm right before a crossbow materializes on it,''With this card Susanowo can inflict piercing damage onto my oppenant.'' Looking shocked as Susanowo rushes at Jet Warrior,''Attack his Jet Warrior,''commanded Linsho.

Jet Warrior flies up into the air in hopes of getting away but gets grabbed by Susanowo before being slammed into the ground, and getting shot in the face by the crossbow.


''Now Benkei attack him,''said Linso as Benkei jumps up into the air raising his staff high above his head. ''I activate the spell card scapegoat,''said Keith as four multi colored sheeps appears on his field with one getting destroyed by Benkei. ''I activate Susanowo effect which les me target one spell or trap card in your grave and add to my field and I pick scapegoat,''said Linsho,''I end my turn.''

Getting back on his feet Keith places his hand over his deck in hopes of drawing what he needs. ''I'm counting on you, ITS MY TURN DRAW!!,''said Keith as he looks at the card in his hand. ''I activate Jet warriors effect which lets me tribute one level two or lower monster from my field and special summon him,''said keith as another sheep token gets destroyed before Jet warrior flies out of it.

''Next I summon unknown synchron in attack mode,''said Keith as a small round robot floats around him,''Next I tune my level one unknown with my level one token to synchro summon FORMULA SYNCHRON.'' As the two cards become beams of light a small formula one race card drives onto the field. ''Since I special Summoned him I can draw one card,''said Keith as he draws his card. ''Next I use quillbolts effect which can let him be special summoned from grave if I control a tuner monster,''said Keith as quillbolt climbs out of the ground and onto the field. ''Now I use level eater to decrease Jet's level and bring him back onto the field.''

Once again the tiny bug climbs over Jet's body and bites him. ''Now I tune my level two formula with my level two quill and my level one eater to bring out accel synchron,''said Keith as formula synchro transforms into a motorcycle,''Now I use accel's effect by sending a card from my deck to grave I can increase or decrease his level,''said Keith as he sends another level eater to grave,''O actvate the spell card limit over drive, by bouncing back my accel and Jet I can special summon one synchro monster by their level ignoring its summoning conditions.''

As the two cards get bounced back the sky grows dark as thunder and lighting strike the ground. ''From the ever expanding universe you are born to bring order to the chaos LIMIT OVER ACCEL SYNCHRO SHOOTING QUASAR DRAGON,''said Keith as a massive dragon appears before him and Linsho.


Walking through the streets a young man with orange hair runs through an alley way while being chased by several men. Looking behind him he notices how these men have cold dead eyes. ''These guys won't let up,''said the man he gets trapped in a dead end. ''The overlord wants you,''said all of the men as they each summon a monster from their decks. ''Deathscythe reaper attack,''said Noah as his monster slashes through all of the men knocking them out.

''Man you saved my life yet again,''said the man. ''No time to stand idealing around war we have to get ready,''said Noah as he walks away.

''Quasar attack Susanowo,''said Keith as Quasar fires a massive shot at Susanowo blasting it away.


''I activate soulpiercer's effect when this card is sent to the grave I can add one superheavy from my deck to hand,''said Linsho as he adds the card to his hand.

''Heheheh now the real fun begins my old student,''said Linsho as he smiles a massive grin at Keith.

------------to be continued---

chapter 29: Can you get over the wall, Keith's turmoil.
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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 28: The code of bushido, Linsho's lesson.
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