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 Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 29: Can you get over the wall, Keith's turmoil.

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Kitty Mew Mew

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PostSubject: Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 29: Can you get over the wall, Keith's turmoil.   Fri Mar 27, 2015 4:57 pm


''I set one card face down and end my turn,''said Keith as he places his set card onto the duel disk. Breathing heavily as Keith begins to examen the current situation. Its only a one thousand point differencethought Keith as he gets ready for Linsho's move. ''HAHAHAHAHAH,'' laughed Linsho as he jumps up and down in excitement,''This duel can surely fire anyone up.''

''Its my turn DRAW,''said Linsho as he draw his card,''but now its time for me to get serious.''

(opening: )

''I equip soulshield wall to my Big Benkei,''said Linsho as Benkei raises his hand right before a fist materializes onto it,''This raises his defense by 1200 points.'' Keith looks on nervously as Benkei grows in size. ''Now attack his shooting quasar dragon,''said Linsho as Benkei rushes towards Quasar.

''I activate the trap card Scrap Iron scarecrow,''said Keith as a small metal scarecrow pops up infront of Quasar taking the full force of the attack. ''Since he was successful in blocking the attack I get to reset scarecrow,''said Keith as the scarecrow puts itself back together and enters back into its card.

'Its my turn draw,''said Keith as he looks at his card,''I summon synchron explorer in attack mode.'' Soon a small robot with a massive hole in its chest pops onto the field. ''I use his effect to bring back quickdraw from my grave,''said Keith as the robot pulls out quickdraw from his chest,''Next I tune them together to bring forth Junk Archer.'' Soon a robot holding a bow and arrow appears infront of Keith as he looks on with victory.

''By using Archer's effect I can banish your monster till the end of my turn,''said Keith as Archer pull back his bow and fires off a lightning covered arrow at Benkei. ''I use the effect of flutist from my grave, by banishing him I can negate Archer' effect and destroy him,''said Linsho as flutist appear infront of benkei. He plays his flute and sends a torrent of destruction towards Archer.

Getting knocked back by the explosion Keith looks onwards with fear. ''Its my turn DRaw,''said Linsho,''I end my turn.''

''Wait why..,''asked Keith as he is shocked. ''I want you to get over this wall Keith, you have what you need to beat me.''

''No your just handing me the win,''said Keith in anger,''If I don't beat you fair and square then there is no hope for me making it in the tournement.'' ''Does it matter,''said Linsho as he smirks in humor,''you've proven to me that you have the skill to win and besides scarecrow would of helped you live.''

''It my turn draw,''said Keith,''I summon junk synchro and use his effect to summon explore and I tune them together for jet warrior.''
''I use jets effect to bounce benkei back to your hand,''said Keith as Linsho places him back to his hand.

''Quasar attack,''commanded Keith as Quasar rushes towards linsho.

''You've finished your lesson Keith,''said Linsho as he smiles while embracing Quasar's attack.


-------------------to be continued---------

chapter 30:The round robin begins.
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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 29: Can you get over the wall, Keith's turmoil.
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