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 Necro's Top 10 Anime he has Seen

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PostSubject: Necro's Top 10 Anime he has Seen   Thu Apr 02, 2015 1:06 am

Hey guys, I am here for one of the first Anime April posts, the list of the top 10 anime I have seen. We all have those anime series we have seen and love to death and I am here to bring you my top 10.

But first some rules:

1.) I must have seen the anime in question for it to make it on my list
2.) It must have left an impact on me to make it memorable and on my list
3.) I must have finished the series in question for it to make it on the list
4.) I am excluding Pokemon, Yugioh, Digimon, and The Big 4 Anime (DBZ, Bleach, One Piece, and Naruto)
With those rules in place, let’s get started:
10.) The Ambition of Oda Nobuna

This anime was discovered by me on a random desire to watch something with a historic background. Thus, we have The Ambition of Oda Nobuna, an anime using the concept of Nobunaga’s Ambition, but with a twist that every warlord from the story is a girl. I figured, “Why the frick not?” and started watching it and it blew me away. The concept is about a guy named Yoshiharu Sagara who suddenly finds himself in the Sengoku Period of Japanese History and in the middle of a war. He is saved by Hideyoshi Toyotomi, a man he would later take on the role of in history as the actual Hideyoshi dies in the field of battle. While on the field, he meets Oda Nobuna, the female version of Oda Nobunaga. Nobuna then recruits Yoshiharu for her army and using his memory of his video game, Nobunaga’s Ambition; Yoshiharu climbs the ranks and becomes a sort of prophet to them as he is wise with strategy games and how to manage resources.  He soon learns his actions can cause a change to the future and makes it his goal to try to lead Nobuna towards a path of peace so that she does not end up like the actual Nobunaga. This anime was very funny with all the interactions Yoshiharu has among the warlords and other characters and how he slowly builds a sort of harem.  One of my favorite characters was Nagahide Niwa, the Oda Faction Tactition and how to show approval or disapproval, she gives a value of points to the answer or situation. Her interactions always get a chuckle out of me. One of the greatest moments comes close to the end of the series where Nobuna is tricked into thinking Yoshiharu died and she goes full on berserk trying to kill her opponent. That moment put me on the edge of my seat as she was close to committing an ultimate evil and reversing all Yoshiharu taught her, all for the sake of his name. Overall, I recommend this one a lot.

9.) Sankarea

Now this anime was intriguing to me mostly because it was close to Halloween and I thought it had a good concept and so watched it.  The general plot is centered on a guy named Furuya who is interested in the undead. One day, his pet cat Babu is hit by a truck and dies. Furuya then decides to pull a Dr. Frankenstein and revive his dead cat. During his experiments, he meets Rea Sanka, a girl who comes from a rich family, but a truly despicable father. She helps him with his experiment and then comes the drama. In episode 3, Rea tries to protect Babu from her father, who chased her to a cliff to return her to her home, but Rea falls as her father hit her instead. She then gets impaled by a branch and lands in a field of flowers, dead. But soon gets up as it turns out she drank the potion that revived Babu and she is now a zombie. Now Furuya must face the problems of hiding the real-life Zombie Rea from the public and from her own father as well as try to keep Rea alive in her state of limbo. I like the concept this anime brings with a twist on the typical zombie trope. Where a typical show with zombies uses the stereotypical standard where zombies eat brains and are dumb and all that, Sankarea has Rea as the same she was, but with the benefits that she has no limits to her strength, she must eat hydrangea leaves to keep in a state of awareness. And she develops a cute sort of relationship with Furuya. All in all, this is without a doubt a fantastic anime.

8.) Future Diary

Well, time to give my thoughts on this show. When I was challenged to watch this anime thanks to our very own The Keeper, I did not know what I was getting myself into and boy howdy was I shocked. This seriously left an impact on me in how NOT to act in society. Anyway, time to get to the plot. This show takes place in Japan, where our main character, Yuki Amano, spends most of his time writing diaries in his phone. Suddenly, he is pitted into a battle royale created by Deus Ex Machina where he must kill 11 other people all with Future Diaries of their own, each one giving a different method of telling the future, to gain the power and become the new Deus Ex Machina.  He then must partner up with Yuno, a competitor who is his stalker as well and has a diary with the power to tell all of Yuki’s movements.  This anime is creepy at best and Batshit crazy at worst. You are always on edge while watching it because you never know what will happen and who will die next. All the while we get to delve into Yuno’s twisted insanity and lust for Yuki, which leads us to a plot-twist on the same levels as a good M. Night Shyamalan film. My favorite character was the Number 9th diary holder, Minene Uryu, and how she helps our “protagonists” even though she is supposed to win, plus her “bombastic”nature. One feature of this anime that intrigued me the most was how if their diaries were destroyed, they were destroyed and how the contestants were just ordinary citizens and political figures. Either way you look at it, this anime gives the phrase, “My phone is my life.” a new, cruel meaning.

7.) The Familiar of Zero

Time to get to another favorite of mine. This series is funny through and throughout the series; I cannot help but love the characters. For those who do not know about this anime, the plot is centered on a boy named Saito and how he was summoned to a magical world by a young wizard named Louise. Saito then sets his goal to try to get back home to Japan. Now mostly this series gets hate from some people mostly from Louise and how she behaves, mostly towards Saito. However, I do not seem to have that much issue with her. She may show off the fact she is from a noble family too much, but Saito acts as her counter balance and helps her realize her place. One particular scene I like is where Louise is scared she might die in a battle, but will not choke down her pride of being from a noble family and risks dying in battle, so Saito walks up and slaps her, making her realize pride is not everything and life is more valuable than pride. One of my favorite moments in this 4 season series comes from season 2 where Saito is trying to apologize to Louise for a misunderstanding, while at the same time Louise think she is at fault and tries to apologize. This leads both of them into 2 hilarious scenarios that I will not go into here. Anyway, give this show a shot and you can make your own opinion of it.

6.) Toradora

I saw a review of this anime from the Glass Reflection YT channel. Ever since then, I have wanted to see this anime. One day, I managed to find a site with this anime in Dub, as I have seen the dub has been voted the better of the two types when it came to Toradora. So I watched it and loved it. I love the diverse characters and how they react to one another. Anyway, Let us go on to the plot. In this anime, we follow Ryuji, a nice guy with the glaring weakness of having scary thug eyes from the fact his father was a former gangster. Because of his eyes, most people run away from him at first glance and assume he is trying to threaten them. It is only after they talk do they realize he is a nice guy. Anyway, through series of events, he meets Taiga, a girl known as the most dangerous animal of the school, despite being a short girl. They then form a sort of partnership after Ryuji finds out Taiga has a crush on his best friend, Kitamura, and Taiga finds out he has a crush on her friend, Kushieda. Hilarity starts as they try to open opportunities for each other to get with their friends, while they slowly are building their own relations. The anime gave me so many laughs, I had to take breaks in between episodes. One of my favorite moments comes from episode 9 where the group comes to a beach house for a vacation and while Taiga, Kushieda, and Ryuji are making dinner, Kitamura comes downstairs, naked and holding a bath towel. This made me laugh so hard at everyone’s’ reactions. Anyway, give this show a shot. You will not regret this decision.

5.) Sword Art Online

Yet again we come to a recommended anime to me from Good old Joshy; however this one was not a challenge. For those not in the know of this gem, the plot takes place in the year 2022, where the launch of a VRMMORPG known as Sword Art Online occurs and many people log in. Suddenly, the creator hacks the game and takes away the log out feature and adds a new feature in where if they die in game, they die irl. The only way out is to beat the 100 floor dungeon of Aincrad. In this series, we follow Kazuto Kirgaya, aka Kirito, as he faces the challenges of the dungeon floors, the hate that comes to the “Beaters”, a term for beta tester and cheater, such as himself, and a dark burden he carries. I love this series and its action scenes. Not only that, but the idea of a video game that actually kills players is amazing and gives me a Fire Emblem sort of feeling with the perma-death. Also I found myself interested in the baggage Kirito brings in and it is not the bad kind of baggage as he is not the type of protagonist who mopes around all day, like new Cloud from FF. If you have not gotten an opinion of this series, give it a shot. You will not regret it.

4.) Persona 4: The Animation

And here we have an anime based off a video game. Now I will say this right now, there are very few video game based anime I like, such as the adaptation of Tale of the Abyss. Here however, we have an adaptation of a video game I love so dearly, Persona 4. The plot is centered on the protagonist, Yu Narukami, and him staying with his uncle and little cousin in a rural town called Inaba. While there, he makes new friends and discovers a new world rampant with creatures known as Shadows and it links to “The Midnight Channel” which predicts murders of innocent civilians. Using the power of their Personas and social links, Yu and his friends create the Investigation Club and look into the Midnight Channel and try to stop the streak of murders happening in Inaba. This series has amazing special effects; with the summoning of the Personas, and the actions against their evil Shadow counterparts. Also the humor is spot on, especially at a scene where the Club participates in what is known as The King Game. Even if you have no clue what the Persona franchise is, you would still enjoy this anime, in my opinion.

3.) Kokoro Connect

Here we have my vote for one of the best Romance and Psychological anime in history.  This series played with so many of my emotions, I had to take a few cry breaks. The plot is centered on a group of 5 students in a Culture Research Club and how one day 2 members, Aoki and Yui, suddenly find themselves in each other’s body. At first the other 3 members, Taichi, Inaba, and Iori, don’t believe them and think they are playing a joke. However they soon change bodies with each other and then the group realizes something is amiss. At first, they find some amusement amidst the confusion, but this unwarranted connection also exposes the painful scars hidden within their hearts. As their calm lives are shattered, the relationships between the five students also begin to change. This anime played with my emotions a ton. From how each character reacts to the body swaps, to the emotions they show towards each other, I feel their emotions. However do not think this is just body swaps, because we get much more emotions from them with looking into their past events they do and do not remember, outbursts of emotions, etc... This is one anime I always think of when I hear the topic, “Anime that exhort major emotions” and I recommend you give it a watch

2.) Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

This anime needs no introduction. Needless to say this anime was probably the first anime for most people outside of the Big 4. I love this anime with its message of not messing with that which you do not and cannot understand. I picked FMA: Brotherhood over the original FMA because of 1 main reason, I prefer anime with source manga to follow the manga. A brilliant example of this is with Hellsing and Hellsing Ultimate. I saw the original Hellsing and hated it and how much it did not follow the manga with how it made new characters on the spot. However with Hellsing Ultimate, I love it and how much it followed the grim tone of the manga. Plus we can all agree the ending of Brotherhood is amazingly funny (No spoilers). If you have not seen this show, go give it a watch. I do say you will most likely love it.

Now for some honorable mentions. When it came down to the wire, I had so many more anime I Ioved and wanted to talk about. I even thought of extending this list to a top 15 or 20. However, I figured I’d do reviews of those anime later on this month. So anyway, here are some of my honorable mentions:

• Clannad and Clannad: After Story – SO MANY EMOTIONS!!!!! I cry, but sad to say the other 10 trounce it in my opinions
• Tale of the Abyss – a great adaptation of one of my favorite video games
• Wolf Children: Ame & Yuki – This was a great anime movie with such great artistic style and concept. I highly recommend this one.
• Spice and Wolf – This show was such a beautiful anime with the concept, characters, music, etc… I loved it so and hope for a season 3.
• Campione – This show was epic and funny also, however the lack of a 2nd season to evolve the story and the overly excessive fan-service hurt it a bit.
• High-school of the Dead - The same main problem of Campione applies here

And finally, Number 1!

1.) The Devil is a Part Timer

What can I say about this diamond of an anime? How about we start with the concept; Taking the lord of everything evil, King Satan, and placing him in Tokyo, with no mystic powers, and as a fast-food worker. That alone gave me so many laughs and the characters are even better. First we have Maou, aka King Satan, who is a hard working demon king trying to get his fill and working all the way, but if you threaten his allies or his workplace, your ass is grass. Then Emi Usa, the hero from the mystic realm, and a hilarious sort of love interest in how so many people make sly comments saying she may have feelings for her longtime rival. Ashiya, Chie, Urushihara, etc… All these characters are wonderful!!!! The action is amazing and the humor is golden and encased in platinum. I have 2 favorite scenes in this show; both from episode 10. The first scene make a hilarious boob joke in comparison to Maou calling up burger orders, and the other is when Emi, Chie, Susano go into a Haunted House.  You need to watch this series and I guarantee you will love it. Now if they could only get to make a season 2 of this amazing show.

And so there are my top 10 anime. What did you guys think? Leave a comment down below and if you have a a favorite anime that did not make the list, please tell me about ti so I may watch it. I will see you all later Satellians.
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PostSubject: Re: Necro's Top 10 Anime he has Seen   Thu Apr 02, 2015 2:00 am

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PostSubject: Re: Necro's Top 10 Anime he has Seen   Thu Apr 02, 2015 5:29 am

Nice list, man! Very well done! However, you NEED to watch Mirai Nikki!
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PostSubject: Re: Necro's Top 10 Anime he has Seen   Thu Apr 02, 2015 8:06 am


More seriously, cool list. I personally found Tora Dora meh, but that's just me.
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PostSubject: Re: Necro's Top 10 Anime he has Seen   

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Necro's Top 10 Anime he has Seen
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