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 Allure of Darkness - A Photo Shoot of the Allure Queen

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Allure Queen

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PostSubject: Allure of Darkness - A Photo Shoot of the Allure Queen    Sat Apr 04, 2015 1:58 am

*** Please be advised ****

This specific piece of writing contains 18+ material and anything you read below is to be read under your own permissions. This piece of writing is unrelated to the personal fanfiction of the Allure Queen which I am writing, and does not reflect me as an individual or what represents me. This idea was thought of after hearing two songs that inspired me to write a photo shoot in detail for the Allure Queen. Sexual themes, Suggestive content and suggestive themes all occur in this writing. You understand by reading this warning that this is 18+ material and have been advised of what this literature contains and that you are not forced to read this.

The bikini being used is linked underneath this warning but will be a bit edited in writing to fit the theme of the Allure Queen, as well as the two songs that inspired me to write this photo shoot. It is best to listen to one of the two songs while reading it, as it will make much more sense when it comes to the setting.


First Photo Shoot Theme - Look But Don't Touch

Second Photo Shoot Theme - Wonder Woman


The Allure Queen laid on a velvet loveseat which had enough room for her long legs to stretch out on. Her hazelnut colored hair touched the floor, several inches of it laying on the floor as she was positioned in a highly seductive manner. It was unknown where she was exactly, but the area she was in was currently pitch black. Wide awake, her crimson colored lips smirked, her eyes remaining closed as she used her hands to caress down her figure.

"Come from the shadows..let us have fun. ~"

The queen carelessly moved her right arm while laying down, reaching to the ground lifting her staff, laying it in the middle of her body, wrapping her legs around the staff, onyx heels clicking in contact to touching it. The lights suddenly turned on, blinding to some but not to her. The room was now all white, with just the loveseat, and the Allure Queen could now be seen in what she wearing in full. She was wearing a bikini made of thin, onyx colored lining which held on to lower section and top. Cleavage was heavily exposed, although, her nipples were not exposed, being blocked by jewels that were attached to her bikini, which were colored in deep purples. Pointed, black diamonds dangled off the ends of each bikini holding area. The lining on the lower section crossed paths with one another, looking somewhat elegant.

In a sudden moment, every Charmer came running from a far toward the Allure Queen, camera in hand. The phrase, "Your highness, your highness, over here!" could be heard many times, as they came closer. She smirked, opening her dark brown eyes finally, as they pierced up into the white wall. The Charmers were now close enough, the sounds of picture taking filled the area. Hiita the Fire Charmer and Wynn the Wind Charmer circled around the loveseat, taking close ups of the Allure Queen, as she turned her head momentarily, giving a strong glare in neutrality. She kept her legs wrapped around the staff for a moment, as Dharc the Dark Charmer sat on their knees to take a side view of her.

The queen would then switch positions, Lyna the Light Charmer and Eria the Water Charmer standing afar on the left and right sides, ready to take side shots. The queen put her staff down on the floor and Hiita immediately ran to remove it from the scene so it would not be in the way, running right back. She smirked, crossing her leg slowly, as the lights hit her pale skin a bit more this time. She moved her long hair to one side of her, leaning forward, making her cleavage expose in a more revealing way, looking left for a moment so Lyna could take a photo, and right, so Eria could do the same.

The Allure Queen then slid off the loveseat a bit, her onyx heels touching the ground. At the front of each heel was a butterflybending her body to wear her lower portion bent in a seductive fashion, Wynn immediately running to replace Dharc's position, to take a picture of the pose. Hiita moved to a corner and zoomed their camera in to take another picture, while Lyna and Eria took side shots. Dharc would levitate, taking a shot at a different angle, zooming in. Her eyes were on point, as she raised her finger, biting it sensually.

She moved back on to the loveseat, sitting herself up as she turned herself to the left, putting one leg in front of her, while the other she sat on, pursing her lips, and moving all of her hair to the right side, all of the Charmers coming together to take photos in different angles, but all on the same side. Eria would float to take it in a diagonal right, Lyna would float to take a photo of her diagonally left, Dharc slid to the floor and took a photo of her from the floor-up. Hiita and Wynn stood several feet from her, taking photos straightforward, as the Queen would make strong faces to the cameras, opening her lips a bit, using her tongue as a tease to lick the top of her lip.

The queen would then move her legs, leaning herself up on her knees on the loveseat, all of the Charmers moving around to get situated for a new photo. On her knees, she bent her back a bit, her posterior pushing out a bit more, although it was already a very nice size as is. The onyx lining made it much more irresistible to the eye, as she held all her hair up with both hands, turning her head and keeping her lips open for a moment, giving off a seductive pose. Hiita and Wynn took pictures of her from the left side, while Lyna and Eria took pictures from the right of her backside. Dharc continued to take photos of her from the ground. She kept in her pose for several moments, smirking as this photo shoot was highly entertaining.

The Allure Queen snapped her fingers, all of the Charmers knowing now that it is time for the final group of photos. Dharc would then lower the lights down, dimming them to hues of purple and lavender, her skin glistening a bit in the works of this. She stood up and Aussa immediately ran out from behind Dharc while Lyna, Wynn, Hiita and Eria moved into the shadows until needed. As the queen would walk, her heels would click and her breasts would bounce heavily as she would then raise her hand up, Aussa understanding that she wanted her to create a wall. The Earth Charmer moved her hands, moving them up as a strong piece of stone escaped the bottom of the floor. The Allure Queen would then begin to turn around, fixing her hair so that it was even on both sides, putting her left heel on to the wall and let her right leg stand on the ground. Raising her right arm up, she let the other hang.


She spoke and Lyna, Eria, Wynn and Hiita all moved to different positions to take photos of her from all angles. She smirked, looking as though she was about to laugh, as all of the cameras shot out lights. She used her left arm to caress her own body, running her fingers down her stomach. She turned around once more, putting her hands on the wall, bending forward as her breasts would now hang down (not sagging, and those who are mature should know what this means), her derrière facing the back. She spread both of her legs, moving around in a motion, with the use of her hands against the wall, in what seemed to be side to side motions with the use of her hips. Her hair went past her breasts, as she smirked once more, looking at the cameras with the corner of her eye.

The Allure Queen got off the wall, putting a hand on her hip, the sound of cameras and the flashing of lights stopped. Dharc, Eria, Aussa, Wynn, Lynn and Hiita moved back into the shadows slowly, as the queen would maniacally laugh, the lights still dim the way they were described earlier.

"That's all for now, lower ones. Now, begone..~"

The lights would shut off and turn the room pitch black once more as the echo of her maniacal laugh went throughout the room, the clicking of heels walking away being faintly heard.

-- END --
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PostSubject: Re: Allure of Darkness - A Photo Shoot of the Allure Queen    Sat Apr 04, 2015 3:59 am

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PostSubject: Re: Allure of Darkness - A Photo Shoot of the Allure Queen    Sat Apr 04, 2015 8:23 pm

Well written. I noticed but a few issues.

First of all, there is some additional unneeded wordiness. For example:
"Her hazelnut colored hair touched the floor, several inches of it laying on the floor"
Could be
"Her hazelnut colored hair touched the floor, several inches of it laying on it"
By not repeating the unnecessary word, or potentially even by rewriting the sentence, it seems to flow more smoothly.

The description was well written, but some of the positionings of the Charmers became slightly confusing. This, for the most part, isn't actually much of a fault of your own; rather, it was just because you had so many characters. Although, that may be something to work on.

Otherwise, good read. Hopefully the admins and forum mods take it well, and not as porn. If it helps, I'm giving it my approval; despite the seductive nature, there was no actual erotica. Good job.
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PostSubject: Re: Allure of Darkness - A Photo Shoot of the Allure Queen    

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Allure of Darkness - A Photo Shoot of the Allure Queen
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