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 Yu-gi-oh! Duelist soul chapter 31:The fake prince

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Kitty Mew Mew

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PostSubject: Yu-gi-oh! Duelist soul chapter 31:The fake prince   Tue Apr 21, 2015 6:13 pm

'' are you alive,''asked Yusuke as he is shocked to find Kizaru standing right before him. ''I have been gracefully reborn by my overlord..,''said Kizaru as he activates his duel disk,''and I shall make you my first sacrifice.''
 Looking around his area, Yusuke is worried when he sees no one around him. ''Don't bother,''said Kizaru as Yusuke looks back at him,''You have entered another plain of existence no one else is here.'' ''Your not making any sense,''said Yusuke as he activates his duel disk,''You better give me answers.''



Don't forget, this guy stole Keiths deck, so you have no clue as to what he will be using thought Yusuke as he draws his first five cards. ''I will go first,''said Yusuke,''I start by activating the spell card Black Whirlwind, when I normal summon Blackwing monster I'm able to add one monster from my deck to hand with  attack lower then it.'' Yusuke then slaps down a card onto his duel disk, it shines bright as it reads the card,''Come forth blackwing-shura of the blue flame.''

Shura comes flying out of dark blue flames that disperse from his wings,''Next I add zephroys the elite to my hand.'' As the card juts out of his deck, Yusuke grabs it and places it into his hand,''I set two cards face down and end my turn.''

''Its my turn, draw,''said Kizaru,''I start by activating the spell cardYosen Training grounds.'' Rght as he places the card on his duel disk a massive temple forms behind him. ''Everytime a Yosenju is normal or special summoned I get to place one spell counter on this card,''said Kizaru.

''Now I summon Yosenju kama 3,''said Kizaru as a ferret like anthro appears on his field,''His effect allows me to normal summon another Yosenju, so come forth Yosenju kama 2.'' Another anthro creature spins out of a wind tunnel and onto the field,''Kama 2 once again lets me normal summon another Yosenju, so come forth kama 1.''

As all three monsters stand before Kizaru he smirks wildly as a dark aura engulfs him. ''Now by removing all three counters from my training grounds I get to add one Yosenju monster from my deck to my hand,''said Kizaru as he adds the card to his hand,''Now by using Kama 1's effect I get to bounce back your shura.'' Kama 1 throws his chain scythe into Shura causing him to get thrown back into Yusuke's hand.

''Now all my monsters attack Yusuke directly,''said Kizaru.


As the three monsters rush at Yusuke, he looks on worried. As kama 1,2 and 3 strike Yusuke he gets sent flying back. Sliding across the pavement, Yusuke struggles to stand back up.


''Since a Yosenju attacked you, Kama 3 allows me to add one yosenju monster to my hand,''said Kizaru as he adds one monster from his deck to hand,''since they were all summoned I can bounce back all my monsters to my hand.''

''Its my turn, draw,''said Yusuke,''I summon Zephroys in attack mode.'' Soon zephy bursts onto the scene. ''I use whirlwind to add gale the whirlwind to my hand,''said Yusuke,''now I special summon gale and Bora.'' Both gale and bora enter the field as they fly out of the black whirlwind.

''Now all my monsters will attack you,''commanded Yusuke.


After finishing his attack Yusuke uses gale and zephy to summon armor master, then uses zephy and bora to bring out key beetle.''By detaching one overlay unit key beetle can protect one card on field and I pick armor master.''

''Its my turn, draw,''said Kizaru,''I set the scale 5 sinchu and the scale 3sinchu L.'' As Kizaru sets is scales too beams of light glow right next to him as two pillars float around them. ''PENDULUM SUMMON,''said Kizaru as 1,2,and 3 appears before him,''Now Itribute all three of my monsters and bring forth Fake Prince of the wind.''

As this happens, Yusuke feels a massive jolt of energy flow through his body. The energy flows into the card in KIzaru's hand. Just then a massive five winged bird like man appears before Yusuke.

Fake Prince of Wind=2700 attack/0 defense

----------------------------------to be continued-----------------
chapter 32:the overlords plan
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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist soul chapter 31:The fake prince
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