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 Valkoor's Top 5 Everything

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PostSubject: Valkoor's Top 5 Everything   Fri May 01, 2015 2:22 pm

Valkoor’s Top 5 Everything

Long story short, this is my top 5 for a whole lot of stuff, so I never have to do one again. Let’s roll!

Top 5 Pokémon

5.) Heatran: I’ve always liked Heatran. He’s pretty cool, is my favorite Pokémon to use in competitive OU play, and has one of the coolest unique moves in the game. Also, he makes a great contender for the nickname “Magnus”.

4.) Darkrai: The only legendary on this list, Darkrai fills my favorite criteria because he’s dark, is related to dreams, and on top of that, for those of you who have watched the movies, is one of the most surprisingly deep and caring characters of the Pokémon universe.

3.) Gardevoir: First of all, no. This isn’t because she’s sexy. Moving on, I like Gardevoir for the same reason I like RP’ing with characters like Priestess; they’re very connectable, and Gardevoir is a Pokemon I genuinely feel would be perfect, not as a pet or slave, but a best friend.

2.) Zoroark: I like foxes. I like the dark. I like red/black color crosses. And I like furries. Zoroak fills 100% of these requirements, and he seems like that one Pokémon that would randomly just make a really awesome villain, too. It was even my favorite for a little while after B/W release.

1.) Lucario: My favorite Pokémon for a whole host of reasons. First, it was my first level 100 in the actual games. Second, it’s a furry. Third, it has the same criteria has Gardevoir that it would make a good friend. And finally, if you didn’t cry when Lucario died in his respective movie, you have no heart.
Top 5 YGO Cards

5.) Yuki Usagi: It’s a cute ghost loli. Why would I not love this?

4.) Gaap the Divine Soldier: Shit looks cool. Also he has back hands. ‘Nuff said.

3.) High Priestess of Prophecy: Very much like Gardevoir, she fills the role as a friend more than a card. Also, tits.

2.) Fabled Grimro: I love this card, mainly because of how calmly vicious she looks. On top of that, ravens are always cool.

1.) Destiny Hero – Dogma: Okay, this for a few reasons. It was my original boss card, the first one I ever owned. In addition, it looks cool, has chains, and its role in the anime was pretty awesome, even if I didn’t like GX as a whole.
Top 5 Games

5.) Pokemon Silver: My favorite generation was always gen. 2, and this has a lot of nostalgia for me, since it was my first Pokémon game ever. Also, Lugia is cooler than Ho-oh.

4.) Mario & Lugi: Superstar Saga: You wouldn’t expect a Mario game to make a good RPG, but this game did just that. With relatively simple gameplay and a surprisingly interesting story, the game found a place in my heart. On top of that, the main antagonist, Cackletta, is one of my favorite video game characters of all time.

3.) Okami: Not only is this an entire game on Japanese mythology (which I love), but the story and music is amazing, and the characters in the game are very enjoyable.

2.) Xenoblade Chronicles: Oh my word. This game has a reputation, and for good reason. Being deemed as one of the, if not the best RPG games to ever come out on the Wii, this game deserves its place in gaming history. With a huge world and highly intuitive gameplay, the game has you captured from the opening cut scene. In addition, you control a host of characters, and are able to see them become attached and grow. Absolutely amazing game, and I highly recommend anyone to play it if they can grab a copy, or the reboot if they have a 3DS.

1.) The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind: While Skyrim receives its fame, I still prefer Morrowind. Its story is amazing, and like any Elder Scrolls game, has a huge world. In addition, Morrowind is highly rewarding of side quests (due to disposition), and I personally prefer the magic system of Morrowind over all the other Elder Scroll games. Now if only enchanting was easier…
Top 5 Video Game Characters

5.) Cackletta: I always enjoyed the idea of a witch like Cackletta. I love her characters design, and although she isn’t the deepest character, her side-kick’s devotion to her and her surface design generally make up for that.

4.) Egil: A character who at first seems like a villain and tortured soul, Egil is later revealed to still have a heart, and what he ends up doing remains one of the most touching sacrifices I have ever seen in games.

3.) Waka: This man. This man is so fruity it’s not even funny… okay, more seriously, Waka introduces himself as a humorous but secretive character. Trying to figure out his character ended up being one of the most interesting parts of Okami for me.

2.) GLaDOS: A robotic and humorous robot from Portal, GLaDOS is really one of the only characters in the series. But she is my favorite. Even though she appears as just a funny, yet murderous program, she is later revealed in Portal 2 to be an extremely deep character with a rather depressing backstory.

1.) Count Bleck: I understand I have two Mario characters on here, but seriously. Count Bleck is quite potentially one of the saddest characters in the Mario series. His backstory is beautiful, and honestly, the sheer surprise I had when learning of it served to instantly attach me to him.
Top 5 Anime/Manga

5.) Death Note: It’s Death Note. It’s good. Yeah.

4.) Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni: Otherwise known as When the Cicadas Cry, this was my first and favorite horror anime. I found the anime to genuinely scare me, and the foundation it was built on was surprisingly interesting.

3.) Yu Yu Hakusho: Made by the same person as my favorite annime and manga of all time, Yu Yu Hakusho is one of the few pure Shonen manga and anime I could get into. The characters are interesting, and the backstory is fun to read. It’s relatively simple, but good nonetheless.

2.) Nichijou: Made by the creators of K-On after taking a break from the high-energy comedy genre, Nichijou was a wonderful return. It’s random and fun to watch, with new jokes and surprises around every corner. Gave me a good laugh all the way through. Also, yaoi artist.

1.) Hunter X Hunter (2011): This has so many thing right with me. It kills people off, but in a good amount. Despite the sometimes comedic nature of it, the serious moments in the serious are some of the most emotional I have ever seen. The characters all have a personality that makes you want to connect to them, and it has nostalgia with me, as I watched the original long before the 2011 reboot came out.
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Valkoor's Top 5 Everything
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