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 My Skyrim Necromancer Character (revised backstory)

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Autistic Cancer Aids

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PostSubject: My Skyrim Necromancer Character (revised backstory)   Mon May 11, 2015 4:39 am

My last character save got corrupted, so i got rid of all the bugged out mods and all that and decided to make a new character. Still a necromancer though.

Name: Cierra
Race: Breton
Allignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 18
Class: Necromancer

Backstory: Odvnis, was just a lowly farmer in High Rock.. however his low social status didn't matter much to him, he was a happy man married to the love of his life, Jolies..

They lived happily together, after all they were childhood sweethearts, and with a child on the way, they were the happiest they've ever been, despite being peasants and not having a septim to their name..

However.. there happy lives were going to take a brutal end..

Bomien, AKA "The Corrupted", was a highly ranked Vampiric Necromancer, he was a high ranking member of the Order Of The Black Worm and was a student of Mannimarco himself..

Upon Scrying for potential candidates to offer to the Ideal Masters for more power, he discovered... an extremely powerful soul..

He, being a master of Necromancy, has never seen anything like it. A soul, so powerful that it could be harnessed into extremely forbidden magic, so powerful that said soul could even bring his old master, the King Of Worms, back to Tamriel..

He quickly departed, with his necromancer coven behind him.. to reap the power of the unborn dovahkiin....

During the freezing black of night, Odvnis, heard a knock on the door... he suspected that it was just the usual traveler making their way to the city, come at the door for a place to sleep for the night. Wasn't unusual, and being a kind hearted person, he usually would help out the passing travelers...

But upon opening the door... was something more sinister.. he was met with a dagger to his chest... the unknown stranger, trampled Odvnis as he barged through the door..

His wife, began panicking, screaming for a hopeful passing guard patrol, however she was quickly subdued by Bomien who had sinked his fangs into the unfortunate Jolies... killing her..

He than, cut out the unborn child from her stomach... drenched in her mothers blood, he took her, off to his layer.. where he would raise her, nurture her powerful soul, until the day of return.. where she would be sacrificed.

The years went by, being kept as a prisoner, Cierra witnessed some of the most evil acts known, the undead walking, the chants of the necromancer coven..

Upon the day of return, she overheard the necromancers plans for her.. she has been through hell, all her life, she did NOT want to die as a power tool, at the hands of these necromancers..

Once the doors were open, the necromancers came in, to drag her off to the ritual chamber.. she hid a knife, under her sleeve, which she used to quickly kill off the guards..

She ran for her life... she ran out the doors, she ran north to Skyrim, where she encountered imperial legionairs... who mistook her as a stormcloak, and sent her to helgen to be executed...

but then.. a dragon attacked.

Personality: She is.. highly sadistic. She enjoys watching the pain of others

However, she's also somewhat generous. She'll give gold to a beggar or orphan without giving it a second thought.

If she likes you, she'll go out of her way to help you out. Piss her off, and she'll have your soul tortured for all eternity in the soul carin.

She's also very manipulative. If you have something she wants, she will try to manipulate you for it.

She cares NOT for power though, she studies magic for her own scientific curiosity and not for power.

She cares little for politics, she'll manipulate cities until she's made thane, this is for her own protection, she leaves the political arguing to the idiotic nobles.

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PostSubject: Re: My Skyrim Necromancer Character (revised backstory)   Thu May 14, 2015 2:01 pm

take a screeny of your character and then put it here '-'


vvv Slap Boxin Titty Style vvv

vvvvvvv The New Plan vvvvvvv

vvvv Sneak Dissed vvvv
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My Skyrim Necromancer Character (revised backstory)
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