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 Reventon's Gaming Rant

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Posts : 223
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Age : 27

PostSubject: Reventon's Gaming Rant   Sat May 23, 2015 1:34 pm

This is just a little rant of mine. This is all my personal opinions. In no way, shape, or form is this post meant to stomp on your opinions/beliefs on gaming.

Personally I just don't like how gaming has evolved. I mean yes the new enhanced game graphics and new gameplay features are interesting. But sadly in a lot of games I have seen that creators focus entirely too much on the graphical aspects of a game that the gameplay can be lackluster or just not as good as it could be. Don't get me wrong the games nowadays look gorgeous, I just don't like how storylines or gameplay is not what it could be. I have played alot of games where the graphics look beautiful but the game only last between 2-6 hours to complete. That brings me to another problem I have. Online play and DLC. Yes online can be fun but of course not everyone prefers to play online. With I would say around 80 percent of games nowadays focus more on online features than the actual game. The single-player or split-screen multiplayer lacks that oomph. Where the main parts of the game and fun ends up being the online play. And then the DLC and single player features. Many of games I have seen this. Either it is a game mode, a option for a special feature, using/unlocking a special character, or unlocking/using a certain weapon you click on the option or highlight over it and you see "you need the ??? DLC Pack to use this feature". I hate that and yes before anyone says anything I know that it's a way for companies to make more money and for people who play online to get advantages and things like that. I just don't like how people who don't/can't play online miss out on things/features because of it. I remember back in the old way of gaming features and other things were unlocked by doing certain things in the main game. There were no online or things like that. Everyone could enjoy all aspects of the game. That's why I prefer to only play classic/retro games now. I also feel that gaming difficulty is not what it used to be. back in the old days there was no save points, checkpoints, or anything like that. If you screwed up it was back to the beginning to the game or level for you. Now are games where you can save midgame and if you die you'll respawn right there. Final bosses/levels don't really seem like a big deal anymore unless it's Dark Souls or something similar. In the old days when you got to the last spurt of the game you would be at the edge of your seat (sometimes even standing too into the game) and when you beat the boss/last level you felt accomplished. Nowadays with alot of games when you beat the final boss/level it's just like "meh okay all done". I just think games of old focused more on making sure everyone who played had a blast every time they put the game in the console and picked up the controller.

Well sorry for my little annoying rant, I needed to get this off my chest. Again this is all my personal opinion. In no way, shape, or form is this post meant to stomp on your opinions/beliefs on gaming.

Good day,
Reventon signing out~
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PostSubject: Re: Reventon's Gaming Rant   Sat May 23, 2015 2:01 pm

This is why I am a Nintendo fanboy and dislike playstation.
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PostSubject: Re: Reventon's Gaming Rant   Sat May 23, 2015 2:11 pm

Well this is going to be a that weird person talk about stuff...
Firstly true, the gameplay and backstory could be awesome but it isn't and you know why? Cause we as gamers value the graphics quite highly. Tell me the truth would you play a game that has a beautiful backstory and played good, but the graphics are awful. Usually (like 8/10) you wouldn't play it only cause you like the concept.

Secondly about the multiplayer. I agree that not every game needs a multiplayer, but even a split screen would be a must. But tell me this, why do you think that Call of duty and Battlefield sell that well, not even talking about GTA? It's cause people like to play with other people and that shit sells(every year at that). Also playing with yourself isn't that fun on the long run because the only thing that changes from time to time is you.

Next I'll talk about the save feature, I actually like the auto-save and quick save features, though there are games where that isn't needed. But if you don't like it, usually there's a small dial/button in the options that can shut auto-save off. Also even in old games you had checkpoints, first game to come to mind is Crash Bandicoot II. But I digress, the thing is that even in the old games there were games that just fucked you up with the save feature. First one to come to mind is Crash Bandicoot, the game that you can only save if you get a crystal, finish a secret level, or get some other jewel.

Also if you don't like the multiplayer games, just don't buy them, there are options and usually they have good game play also. Telltale games is a good company for that.

I'm sorry if I offended or pissed someone off but I just wanted to leave my 2 cents on the matter.
Peace out
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PostSubject: Re: Reventon's Gaming Rant   

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Reventon's Gaming Rant
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