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 Anime Review: Lovely Complex

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PostSubject: Anime Review: Lovely Complex   Mon Jun 08, 2015 2:50 am

Hey guys, Necro here. As some of you may know and other may not be aware of, I am a fan of romantic anime. The main problem, however, I see is that in the majority of romance anime, the creators seem to feel they must delve into the Ecchi Pool when making it. It is far too overused, on the same levels of people who use Nekroz in YGO, and even though I still watch those kinds of romance anime, I enjoy those more so for plot elements (Being the Analytical guy I am)

So one day, I was looking around for new anime on my site of choice, Anime Haven, when suddenly I found this anime called Lovely Complex. I looked at the plot and thought it was interesting and so, I gave it a watch. And man did I have a blast with it. So today, I shall be making this little anime review for a show that has ranked up pretty high on my favorite anime list. Welcome to Necro’s Anime Reviews and today, I shall go over Lovely Complex. Here we go.

This show stars a comedy duo called All-Hanshin Kyojin. In this duo are Risa Koizumi and Atsushi Otani. The main problem and in a way, source of comedy, of the duo is that Risa is taller than an average girl (172 cm), while Otani is actually shorter than an average guy (156 cm). This duo goes about their days all fine and good, while still making sly comments about each other, however soon they start this contest to see who can get a girlfriend/boyfriend first and that starts a steady spiral to start up Risa having more and more feelings for Otani.

This plot is fantastic. Immediately we are thrown into the plot with no backstory of how they met and formed the comedy duo and how quickly they set up the conflict. I first thought to myself, “Geez, we are going to have this contest be the whole plot.”, but no, the contest literally resolves itself as quickly as it entered the fray, and left no stone unturned. I will say the one fun thing that gave me some laughs, yet creeped me out a few times is facial features. Now it is commonplace in Comedies that you’d use the animation to your advantage in creating funny faces for the characters to react to. Though I will say this anime had some balls in a sense to break out of typical romance norms.

Not even a 3rd of the way in we get Risa just outright saying she has a crush on him and the rest of the anime builds on them developing over a set number of 4 years, much like series like Azumanga Dai-Oh and Clannad. Though if I must complain about one thing that just made me facepalm, it would have to be how oblivious Otani is in the beginning of the series with as soon as he is told this, he acts like nothing really happened. It only gave me some rage for a time, but when he realizes these events, man does it feel great.

Enough plot rambling, on to the characters

Firstly we have the comedy duo, Risa and Otani. I love the chemistry these two have with them not having the normal, “Girls are shorter than guys” ideal that is typically associated with romances. Instead, the creator goes for a flip to see how reversing that can work and it works marvelously. Just seeing these guys interact alone gives me laughs and I really like the help Risa is given thanks to her friends throughout this whole journey. Risa’s struggles were very much real and even I could feel her pain from watching alone. Probably one of my more favorite moments comes near the end with Risa and Otani going to a sports game and having some drama about the state of their relationship, when suddenly, their image gets blown up onto the jumbotrons and EVERYONE in the stands starts cheering on Otani. I laughed so hard at that scene that it almost hurt.

Moving on, we now come to Otani. I really do like how they wrote Otani in most of his scenes, though the oblivious factor was something I did not like with him. Being the shortest member of the basketball team and facing so many troubles because of his height and he does sometimes get mocked for it. I will say though he gave me a lot of laughs thanks to his interactions with the various personalities of this show.

Not only do we have those 2, but we have Nobu and Nakou, a dating couple and friends to Otani and Risa. These two always try to give Risa that push she needs in setting up the relationship between Otani and Risa and how it flourishes. I really did like these guys and found them a really good pair on the show.

Next are Chiharu and Suzuki. Now these two are interesting because they were actually the people Risa and Otani focused on in their contest with Risa trying for Suzuki and Otani trying for Chiharu. I was really intrigued when they came back and thought, “Oh so they aren’t throwaway characters.” These two are actually pretty nice and do develop a good relationship within the series as well as help in assisting Risa.

The animation of this anime is stellar. Of course with comedies the animation with actions and facial features becomes super exaggerated to a point where humor develops. But that is not the only praise this series has, it also delivers in music. Namely with the duo having a common interest in a rapper named Umibozu, and we see them meet Umibozu in one episode and learn an important lesson from his family about their situation. Another track I liked a lot was the intros songs where the first is more comedy based and the other more focused on character development. Overall great tracks that I really loved hearing.

Overall this series was a nice and fun romp through high-school romances and two friends slowly developing feelings for each other. I really recommend it to anyone looking for a nice and light-hearted comedy that also tells a great story.

I give this show a 10/10 (WILL DIFFIDENTLY REWATCH AGAIN)

See you guys next time!
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PostSubject: Re: Anime Review: Lovely Complex   Mon Jun 08, 2015 5:20 am

all this anime to watch i swer

btw reall nice and thorough review m8 good job Very Happy

appreciate how you actually talk about stuff animation and the music O.O



no jams for nao o.o forgets the rest of the convo
fakepolo is such a fakepolo nublet it hurts o.o deres a time and place for that .-. HYPE HYPE


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Anime Review: Lovely Complex
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