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 The Rise of Eclipse Chapter 1: A Fateful Encounter! The Beginning of a Journey

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PostSubject: The Rise of Eclipse Chapter 1: A Fateful Encounter! The Beginning of a Journey   Sat Jul 11, 2015 5:19 am

(9:00 A.M. on a Monday morning)

Students rush out of their houses and rush down the crowded streets of Illusion City trying to make their way through the crowded streets to Illusion City High School. This school focuses on dueling and how to become a better duelist as well as ordinary lessons like Math and English.

Most students have their duel gazers in their bags as well as their books however; some have a natural talent which lets them see duels whenever they wish without use of a duel gazer. Numbers and Pendulum cards are also very popular, but thugs seem to use them to give themselves a bigger edge in duels, so those who have these cards are usually seen as thugs by the public. Here, we shall follow 2 young prodigies of the art of dueling and their friends as they face an evil power that was born over 5 centuries ago.

Let’s begin shall we?

We start our story with a young girl sleeping in bed. This girl’s name is Cordelia Jones. Cordelia was sound asleep when she heard her alarm go off. She then got out of bed and got dressed for her first day of school. She then walked down stairs to the garage where her duel runner was. She then sat down on the duel runner and started it up, but for some reason, it would not start. She tried countless times to start it, but with no avail. She then started panicking thinking, "Oh come on! I’m going to miss my first day of school" She then ran back upstairs in to her brother’s room and yelled "Andrew! Get up!"

Her brother, Andrew, then fell out of his bed and stood up from being on the floor. Andrew then said, "Why are you waking me up so early in the morning, Cordelia?" Cordelia then said "My duel runner won’t start and it’s the first day of school! Can’t you give me a ride on your duel runner? Please?"

She had a really worried tone in her voice. Andrew then said "Ok fine, just let me get dressed." Cordelia then said “Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Andrew then got dressed in his white t-shirt, jeans, and white hoodie with blue edges.

About 5 minutes later, Andrew and Cordelia ran downstairs and into the garage where Andrew’s duel runner was. They then both got on the duel runner, the garage door opened. and the duel runner went zooming out of the garage. They were zooming in-between cars to try to get to the school as fast as possible. When they were about half-way to the school, Cordelia then yelled "Can't you go any faster Andrew?!" Andrew then said in response "Of course I can, but I don’t want to go through so much fuel... but oh well if you insist..."

Andrew’s duel runner then started accelerating even faster than it was within less than 4 minutes, they had arrived at the school. Cordelia then quickly ran to the school entrance while saying "Thanks Andrew, I owe you one!" Cordelia then arrived at the class room but she was about 3 min late to class.

(Cut to the home of our other protagonist, Clyde Von Dougherty.)

“No, no, NO!!!” said a young man in his sleep. This young man is Clyde Von Dougherty. Clyde soon woke up and then he looked around, realizing he is in his room. “Oh god… I had that nightmare again…” said Clyde with a sigh of relief. He then looked at the clock and saw it was 7:00 AM.

Clyde then sighed and said, “I better get ready for school.” After taking a shower, getting dressed in the Illusion City High School attire, and throwing on his late father’s dark grey trench coat, Clyde walked downstairs and saw that a packed lunch was on the kitchen counter and a note from his guardian, Black Star, saying that he has left for work already and left him some money to grab breakfast on his way to school.

After hoping on his duel runner, Clyde drove off towards Illusion City High School. He then parked his duel runner in a nearby garage and walked towards a tree on a hill. Clyde checked his watch and noticed that it read 9:00 AM. “Sigh, school does not start for another hour. I guess I can get some sleep.” said Clyde. He then lay down against the tree and looked at his pendant, thinking about his family. Clyde then closed his eyes and took a quick nap.

(50 minutes later)

Clyde woke up from his nap and looked down at his pendant again. “I swear I will kill you, you son of a bitch Ian McKelvin…” said Clyde. Clyde then stood up and the school bell started to ring, signaling the students to start their way to class. Clyde looked towards the school and said, “I guess class is starting. I better get going."

As Clyde started to walk into the building, he bumped into a girl and their books dropped to the ground. "Oh my god, I'm sorry sir!" said the girl.

Clyde looked at the girl and noticed her features. She had blond hair, a dorm uniform on and Tennis shoes on. Her face was very pretty. Clyde then looked down with a slight blush and said, “It is ok, I'm not in any rush to get to class. My name's Clyde, so what is your name?"

"I'm Cordelia", said the girl. "So Clyde, you are a student too?” said Cordelia. "Yeah, I’m a student here. Hey Cordelia, mind me asking you a question?” asked Clyde.

"Yeah, Clyde?" said Cordelia.

"Have you heard of a man called Ian Mc..." The tardy bell suddenly rang then. "Oh god, I need to get going. Maybe I'll see you later, Clyde." said Cordelia as she went inside the school. "Bye Cordelia." says Clyde as she left into the school.

Cordelia then thought to herself, “That guy, Clyde, he had a scar on his face. How’d he get it? Maybe I’ll ask him if I see him again.” She then entered the classroom and heard the teacher tell the class to sit down. She introduced herself as Mrs. Lindsey and asked for a roll call of the students.

Cordelia noticed the teacher seemed nervous and assumed it was her first day as a teacher. She then pointed at a girl in a bright yellow dress and asked for her name. The girl then said, “Hi, I’m Jenna Malcolm, but you guys can call me Jen. I am the daughter of the assistant headmaster of this academy, Don Malcolm. I cannot wait to have a fun year with everyone!”

“Alright and how about you little girl?” said Ms. Lindsey as she pointed at Cordelia. “Well, my name is Cordelia Jones and I hope to have a fun year with you all too.” said Cordelia in a sort of awkward manner.

As she sat down, Cordelia saw the familiar face of Clyde enter the room and he said to the teacher, “Sorry I’m late. I got a bit lost trying to find the classroom.” The teacher then said, “Well why don’t you introduce yourself to the class, sir." Clyde cleared his throat and he said to the class, “Hello, I am Clyde Von Dougherty. I hope to have a good time with you all.” The teacher and the students had surprised faces and Clyde walked to his seat.

While walking, Clyde heard some of the students whispering, “Seriously? He is a Von Dougherty? I thought they all died in that fire that happened over a decade ago.“ Clyde then remembered that bloody fire started over a decade ago and gripped his fist tight.

Clyde then took a seat by the girl he met earlier, Cordelia, and she said, “Hey there Clyde, I guess we are classmates too.” Clyde responded saying, “So it seems Cordelia. Cordelia then said, “Hey, why did everyone gasp at your name?” Clyde sighed saying he’d explain it some other time.

Mrs. Lindsey was then about to ask another student to introduce themselves, but then the announcements came on. It was the headmaster telling all students to report to the courtyard for the welcoming speech and the student’s introduction duels. All the students then went outside with Clyde following Cordelia and Amelia. As they reached outside, Clyde looked past the gate and he noticed a man on a white duel runner with blue decals on it staring at him.

The man had a white hoodie on and his eyes were blue. His glare was cold, like he was in a staring contest with Death itself and was winning. Cordelia noticed Clyde was looking of into the distance and asked what was wrong. Clyde then said, “There is this guy staring at me outside the gate from his duel runner.”

Cordelia looked in the direction of the man and told Clyde that was her older brother, Andrew, and that he brought her to school because her duel runner was malfunctioning. Clyde noted this and he continued to follow the group of students to the welcoming speech. Meanwhile, Clyde saw Jenna looking back and saw her duck behind a building. Clyde was wondering what she was doing, but he continued to follow the crowd.

Cordelia looked towards the stage and saw that the headmaster was there with a man she could only assume was Jenna’s father, Don Malcolm. He was wearing a black suit with a pocket watch in the coat pocket. Cordelia thought that she saw this man once before, but could not place the time when they may have met.

All of a sudden, a shriek was heard coming from behind one of the buildings and Cordelia, as well as the other students, came running towards the sound. What they found was Jenna, on the ground crying. She was clearly trying to cover something up and Cordelia got up to her and said, “Jen, What’s wrong?”

Jenna responding saying that she heard a noise and went to investigate and the next thing she knew, she was pushed to the ground and a man stole her underwear. Cordelia looked up and saw Clyde staring in the direction of another building. He said, “Hold on, I’ll be right back.”, and he then left the group. Cordelia then thought, “Where is he going? Does he think he found the thief?”

Clyde looked behind the building and saw a middle-aged man sitting on the ground sniffing a pair of panties. “Those must be Jen’s underwear and that must be the thief.” said Clyde. Clyde over heard the thief saying stuff like how he was able to do that swipe so easily. Clyde emerged from his hiding spot and to the thief, he said, “So you were the scumbag thief who stole that girl’s underwear. Give them back.”

The thief stood up in shock and he ran away from Clyde. Clyde then sighed and said, “Why must he run? He is probably going to try and blend in with the crowd to escape. I think I should get a higher viewpoint.” Clyde looked up and he saw a tree that was tall enough so Clyde could climb it and jump onto the roof. Clyde then said, “Time to put those skills Black Star taught me to some practical use.” and jumped onto the tree branch and started climbing the tree to the top.

Clyde then jumped to the roof and surveyed the area and he noticed a man with a headband that was the same one the thief wore. From the roof, Clyde shouted at the thief, “HEY YOU, THEIF!!!! STOP RIGHT THERE!!!!” That shout got the attention of everyone in the crowd, including the thief. Clyde then jumped from the roof into a diving kick towards the thief.

Cordelia heard something coming from the roof of the school and saw Clyde jump off the roof in a diving kick motion. Cordelia then saw Clyde kick a guy in the face and launch the man into the sky. Then the crowd gasped as Clyde pulled out a pair of blades from his trench coat and threw them at the man. The blades did not pierce the man though, as they only pinned him to the wall.

Clyde then landed below where the man was pinned and he dropped what appeared to be a pair of underwear. Cordelia then thought, “I get it. Clyde must have found where the thief was and managed to get him.” Clyde grabbed the pair of underwear the man dropped and returned them to Jenna. “Here you go Jenna; I got them back for you.” Clyde then left the crowd and he went off towards the old tree on the hill. The crowd cheered as the thief was caught.

Cordelia ran off to find Clyde, and noticed Clyde was looking at the thief from earlier, hanging there unconscious. She ran up to him and said, “OMG Clyde, that move you did was cool!” Clyde looked at her and said, “Though I think I went overboard on the guy.”

Cordelia asked what should happen with the thief and Clyde responded saying, “I will deal with him.” Clyde then pulled out a small flute and started playing it. The melody was beautiful and calming.

The next thing she knew, Cordelia saw a man appear from out of nowhere. He wore a grey jumpsuit and a grey cap. His face was full of kindness and sincerity, yet also held a feeling of malice. The man bowed before Clyde as if he was a nobleman, then as he stood up, he said, “Ah, Master Clyde, how are you? How is your first day of school going along?”

Clyde responded and said, “Nothing too eventful Tsubaki, there was just that thief up there that stole a classmate’s underwear. I called you here to get him down. Could you do that for me and retrieve my blades? We’ll let the cops deal with him.”

The man known as Tsubaki then said he’d do that and then ran towards and up the wall and retrieved the blades. He then caught the thief and left him next to the gate of the school, tied up. “Thank you Tsubaki, that’s all for now.” said Clyde as Roman bowed again and vanished.

Cordelia was staring off and trying to process what she just saw when Clyde coughed and he said, “Well then, let’s get back to the duels. I believe we will be having our duels soon.” Clyde then walked off towards the crowd and Cordelia followed him while thinking to herself, “What is he? He did all those nimble moves like they were nothing, and he has this mysterious bodyguard. Just who is Clyde exactly?”

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The Rise of Eclipse Chapter 1: A Fateful Encounter! The Beginning of a Journey
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