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 Necro’s Birthday Celebration Topic! (Top 10 Anime I Have Seen {REDO})

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PostSubject: Necro’s Birthday Celebration Topic! (Top 10 Anime I Have Seen {REDO})   Mon Aug 03, 2015 1:12 am

Hey everyone, Necro here. Well it’s that time of year again, my birthday. And to celebrate, I am going to give you guys a redo of one of my earliest top 10 lists ever, even during my days at ODA. That list being my Top 10 Favorite Anime I have seen.

As I have stated in my previous list, we all have those certain anime we have seen and love to death. Now ever since the original list all the way back in Anime April, I have seen way more anime, thanks in part to boredom and to Anime Challenges with The Keeper. And this is the reason I want to share with you my NEW Top 10 Favorite Anime I have seen.

But first, some ground rules:

1.) I must have seen the anime in question for it to make it onto my list. 

2.) The anime must have left a good impact on me to make it on the list.

3.) I must have finished the ENTIRE anime series for it to be on the list. So if you do not see any particular anime on my list, then chances are it has failed one of the 3 requirements so far.

4.) I am excluding the Pokemon, Digimon, and Yugioh Anime as well as excluding the Big 4 Anime, those being One Piece, Dragonball Z, Naruto, and Bleach.

With all that said, Let’s Begin!!!

Number 10.) The Familiar of Zero (Zero no Tsukaima)

The Familiar of Zero is a fantastic anime series created by the late Noboru Yamaguchi. This 4 season series is an amazing blend of fantasy and modern aspects that are just interesting in general. For those who do not know about this anime, the plot is set in the imaginary land of Halkeginia and is centered on a Japanese boy named Saito and how he was summoned to Halkeginia by a young aristocratic wizard in training named Louise, to be her familiar. Saito then sets his goal to try to get back home to Japan.

This anime is hilarious in so much comedy it holds, mainly from the variety of characters in the show. From Saito showing this magical world about modern technology, Louise's many fails with magic and eventual realization of her true talents, as well as MANY other characters like Siesta the Maid, Tabitha, etc..

Now for how great this anime is, it does get hate from lots of people because of Louise and how she behaves, mostly how she treats Saito like a dog many times. I, however, do not seem to have that much issue with her. She may show off the fact she is from a noble family too much, but Saito acts as her counter balance and helps her realize her place.

One particular scene I love is where Louise is scared she might die in a battle against a thief and their giant golem, but she will not choke down her pride of being from a noble family and risks dying in battle because of pride. In response, Saito walks up and slaps her, making her realize she should not be focusing on her pride and should focus on living.

It is sad that since the creator passed away, this series will never expand with the same charm the original 4 seasons have. Even though this is the case, I recommend watching this series without a doubt. Seasons 1-3 are amazing, though Season 4 is the most iffy season and I have noticed causes the most debate between fans.

Number 9.) Sword Art Online (Sōdo Āto Onrain)

Wow 2 for 2 on anime that cause the most debate that I like. How interesting... Yeah, if you cannot tell, I have lots of favorites that are either obscure, cause lots of debates, etc... Do not worry though, there will be some more modern shows on the list. Now going back to SAO. For those who still do not know of this story, the plot takes place in the year 2022, where the launch of a VRMMORPG known as Sword Art Online occurs and many people log in. Suddenly, the creator hacks the game and takes away the log out feature and adds a new feature in where if they die in game, they die irl. The only way out is to beat the 100 floor dungeon of Aincrad.

Now some people I know either praise this series or hate it. One reason people I know who hate it bring up is how it had so much potential, but wasted it for fanservice, romance, etc... Even though they bring up a good point there, there is honestly too much hate on this series. I feel this is a bandwagon effect, but I digress. Now while I will admit the 1st half of season 1 was alright and the 2nd half of season 1 was meh on both ends, it is season 2 that reignited why I love this show.

Season 2 takes place in a new VRMMORPG named Gun Gale Online (GGO) has a character named Death Gun. His gimmick involves him shooting players to death in game, but they somehow end up dying in the real world. As such, the government hires Kazuto Kirgaya, aka Kirito, to enter GGO to find leads to expose who Death Gun is. Meanwhile we are introduced to a new character named Sinon and her tragic backstory.

Now along with Sinon's past haunting her, Kirito is also facing a dark feeling of the Death Gun being a member of the Laughing Coffin PK Guild from when he was trapped in SAO. Now I love those darker storylines in certain anime and SAO delivers. Learning about Sinon's past is amazing and we also get some PTSD symptoms being shown from Kirito, which feels very real.

Now to those complaining about Kirito suddenly having PTSD when it was never established he had this in season 1, I have to say a good comparison would be thinking of SAO as a war zone or a battlefield and Kirito as an everyday soldier. It pretty much seems standard that after seeing your teammates die in front of you in battle, like Kirito saw for 2 years, a soldier would have PTSD recurring after a certain scenario, like thinking of the enemy as someone from your past.

Now with that said, the 2nd season is not just Gun Gale. Much like season 1, the Gun Gale arc takes a majority, then we enter a sub-plot, and then an ending emotional sub-plot known as Mother Rosario. Not only that, but its opening theme, Ignite, is one of the greatest Anime theme songs I have ever heard. I have to say even with the many complaints given, give the entire series a watch and form your own opinions for yourself.

Number 8.) Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero (Hagure Yuusha no Estetika)

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero seems like every other fantasy anime on paper with a hero, a devil lord, etc... But you will learn quickly this is unlike any other show. Namely with our main rogue hero Akatsuki. His story involves him defeating the devil lord and as a reward, he is given his only daughter, Myuu, as a prize. After sneaking Myuu out of the world of Alayzard and getting back to Earth, Akatsuki enrolls himself and Myuu, rolling as his long lost sister, in BABEL High School. From there, the rest of the anime involves the daily lives of these characters and their experiences with the student council, the school, and living with each other.

Now the first thing I want to bring up is Akatsuki. As the titular "Rogue Hero", you'd expect him to be a stoic type of character. Like the typical thieves who have some joking moments, but mainly silent. Akatsuki says screw that, I'm doing things my way. He is one smooth motherfucking criminal. Akatsuki is usually very laid back and displays an almost arrogant (though justified) confidence in his abilities. Although he usually presents a rough and sometimes perverted persona, deep down he is really a noble character (it's just that he marches to the beat of his own drum). 

And when I say perverted, Oh boy I mean it. He takes that trope of romantic anime characters who end up is perverted situations that are then punished with no context and he turns it into one of his main comedic aspects. He ends up causing so many perverted moments, it goes from wierd to comedic. One memorable part involves him taking Myuu to Earth and he gets stopped by the maids. He distracts them by going super fast around them all, jumping up into the air, and throwing their underwear everywhere while making a comment about a bouquet. 

I could not help but laugh at that. On that note though, I seriously do recommend this series and if anyone can vouch for this anime, look no further than The Keeper. With that said, on to number 7.

Number 7.) Lovely Complex (Rabu★Kon)

Talk about judging a book by its cover. This anime is amazing for a romance and I highly recommend it. For those not in the know of this show's plot, this show stars a comedy duo called All-Hanshin Kyojin. In this duo are Risa Koizumi and Atsushi Otani. The main problem and in a way, source of comedy, of the duo is that Risa is taller than an average girl, standing at 172 cm, while Otani is actually shorter than an average guy, standing at 156 cm. This duo goes about their days all fine and good, while still making sly comments about each other, however soon they start this contest to see who can get a girlfriend/boyfriend first and that starts a steady spiral to start up Risa having more and more feelings for Otani.

Now I do not really have much to say about the series because I already said every positive and negative comment in my Anime Review of Lovely Complex. But I guess I could elaborate on a few things. Namly, I never really went over Risa and Otani's relationship in the review.

At first, their relationship was meh at best and annoying at worst. They constantly took pot shots at each other and when one was in distress, the other made a joke that causes a misunderstanding that then leads the plot. But when Risa develops feelings for Otani, they skyrocket in terms of fun for me. Their developing relation from one-sided, to two-sided, to full on is a great journey.

Also the moral Risa learns when they meet their idol, Umibozu, is honestly a great lesson teaching how Umibozu and his wife were polar opposites and even when she rejected his feelings the first time, they eventually got together. This lesson of never give up because eventually they will come back is amazing and I praise a show that can give a great moral as well as be entertaining.

Overall, I say give this show a watch. You will not regret it.

Number 6.) Persona 4: The Animation (Perusona 4)

And here we have an anime based off a video game. Now I will say this right now, there are very few video game based anime I like, such as the adaptation of Tale of the Abyss. Here however, we have an adaptation of a video game I love so dearly, Persona 4.

The plot is centered on the protagonist, Yu Narukami, and him staying with his uncle and little cousin in a rural town called Inaba. While there, he makes new friends and discovers a new world rampant with creatures known as Shadows and it links to “The Midnight Channel” which predicts murders of innocent civilians. Using the power of their Personas and social links, Yu and his friends create the Investigation Club and look into the Midnight Channel and try to stop the streak of murders happening in Inaba.

This series has amazing special effects; with the summoning of the Personas, and the actions against their evil Shadow counterparts. Also the humor is spot on, especially at a scene where the Club participates in what is known as The King Game. Something else I would like to bring up is Yu as a character. In the Persona games, typically you play as Yu or Minato in Persona 3 and with this role you have the option to make the choices that affect the story. As such, Yu is portrayed as a balanced character to make a moral choice in the story. Something fun me and a friend did was play P4 like how it plays in the anime.

Even if you have no clue what the Persona franchise is, you would still enjoy this anime, in my opinion.

Number 5.) Death Parade (Desu Parēdo)

Ah Death Parade. I had so many thoughts when I first read your description. It was only sort of recently that I sat down and watch this 12 episode series by Studio Madhouse. Needless to say, this anime blew my expectations out of the water.

This anime asks a simple question: "What happens when 2 people die at the same time?"

In this world, they are instead sent to Quindecim, one of many bars. Here are Quindecim, as with all the other spirit bars, they are meet by an arbiter in the form of a bartender. For Quindecim, that arbiter is named Decim. After coming to Quindecim with no memories of what happened to them, the arbiters ask for a game, a Death Game to be specific. These Death Games are made to push these wandering souls to their darkest points to expose all of their secrets which lead them into this situation in the first place. From there, the arbiters judge if the souls are worthy of Reincarnation or are tainted enough to be cast into the Void, a place where the souls are sent to rot away.

Needless to say, I love this anime. It was so good it sky-rocketed all the way to the top 5. I cannot wait until this show eventually gets a 2nd season. Please do it Studio Madhouse.

Number 4.) Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Hagane no Renkinjutsushi)

This anime needs no introduction. Needless to say this anime was probably the first anime for most people outside of the Big 4. I love this anime with its message of not messing with that which you do not and cannot understand.

I picked FMA: Brotherhood over the original FMA because of 1 main reason, I prefer anime with source manga to follow the manga. A brilliant example of this is with Hellsing and Hellsing Ultimate. I saw the original Hellsing and hated it and how much it did not follow the manga with how it made new characters on the spot. However with Hellsing Ultimate, I love it and how much it followed the grim tone of the manga.

Plus we can all agree the ending of Brotherhood is amazingly funny (No spoilers). Without a doubt, Edward is a riot in Brotherhood, though if I have to give the original somthing, the fight with Father Cornello is actually a ton of fun in there whereas in Brotherhood, it was sub-par. If you have not seen this show, go give it a watch. I do say you will most likely love it.

Number 3.) Kokoro Connect (Kokoro Konekuto)

Here we have my vote for one of the best Romance and Psychological anime in history.

This series played with so many of my emotions, I had to take a few cry breaks. The plot is centered on a group of 5 students in a Culture Research Club and how one day 2 members, Aoki and Yui, suddenly find themselves in each other’s body. At first the other 3 members, Taichi, Inaba, and Iori, don’t believe them and think they are playing a joke. However they soon change bodies with each other and then the group realizes something is amiss. At first, they find some amusement amidst the confusion, but this unwarranted connection also exposes the painful scars hidden within their hearts. As their calm lives are shattered, the relationships between the five students also begin to change.

This anime played with my emotions a ton. From how each character reacts to the body swaps, to the emotions they show towards each other, I feel their emotions. However do not think this is just body swaps, because we get much more emotions from them with looking into their past events they do and do not remember, outbursts of emotions, etc...

I would also like to bring up particular moments with characters. Namely Heartseed. Heartseed is this entity that take over their gym teacher's body occasionally. Heartseed is honestly one of the cruelest entities in anime history. He toys with our 5 protagonists SO MUCH throughout this entire series. Such as taking over our main characters occasionally to be his mouthpiece, causing practically every event that occurs to them to occur in the first place, and so many things.

This is one anime I always think of when I hear the topic, “Anime that exhort major emotions” and I recommend you give it a watch

Number 2.) The Devil is a Part-Timer (Hataraku Maō-sama!)

Surprised? So am I. I honestly did not expect this fantastic diamond of an anime series to be any lower than number 1. So... what can I say about an anime of this caliber?

How about we start with the concept of taking the lord of everything evil, King Satan, and placing him in Tokyo, with no mystic powers, and as a fast-food worker. That alone gave me so many laughs and the characters are even better.

In terms of characters, first we have Maou, aka King Satan, who is a hard working demon king trying to get his fill and working all the way, but if you threaten his allies or his workplace, your ass is grass.

Then next is Emi Usa, the hero from the mystic realm, and a hilarious sort of love interest in how so many people make sly comments saying she may have feelings for her longtime rival. Ashiya, Chie, Urushihara, etc… All these characters are wonderful!!!!

The action is amazing and the humor is golden and encased in platinum. I have 2 favorite scenes in this show; both from episode 10. The first scene make a hilarious boob joke in comparison to Maou calling up burger orders, and the other is when Emi, Chie, Susano go into a Haunted House.

Finally, some little aspects I noticed that make this show a ton funnier. In some of the original versions of the show, the subbed version would have King Saten and Ashiya speak English while in the dub, they spoke Japanese. That was a nice little touch involving these characters. Also in one episode where Maou, Ahsiya, Emi, and Chie go to Chie's school at night for magic, but end up finding where Urushihara was crashing and a PSP/Vita. Finally I love Monica Riel's role in this show as Emeralda and how in so many scenes, she eats a Pokey Stick treat.

Overall, you need to watch this series and I guarantee you will love it. Now if they could only get to make a season 2 of this amazing show. Now I know what you are thinking. "What the hell could be number 1 if not The Devil is a Part-Timer!" Well, I'll tell you, but first some honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions: Now for some honorable mentions. When it came down to the wire, I had so many more anime I Ioved and wanted to talk about. I even thought of extending this list to a top 15 or 20. However, I figured I’d do reviews of those anime later on. So anyway, here are some of my honorable mentions:

  • Wolf Children: Ami and Yuki - This was a great anime movie with such great artistic style and concept. I highly recommend this one.

  • Clannad/Clannad: After Story - SO MANY EMOTIONS!!!!! I cry, but sad to say the other 10 trounced it in my opinions

  • Toradora - A great romantic comedy about two people trying to help each other with attracting their friends.

  • Your Lie in April - A fantastic anime about the struggles of a musician with a hearing disability (For more info, read my review of this show.)


Number 1.) Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu Kyōshitsu)

I never thought any single anime could top The Devil is a Part-Timer for the number 1 spot. But here comes along Assassination Classroom, one of the best comedic anime series I have ever laid witness to.

First, the plot. The Earth is threatened by a powerful creature who destroyed 70% of the Moon with its power, rendering into the shape of a crescent moon forever. The creature claims that within a year, Earth will also be destroyed by him, but he offers mankind a chance to avert this fate. In class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School, he starts working as a homeroom teacher where he teaches his students not only regular subjects, but the ways of assassination. The Japanese government promises a reward of ¥10 billion (i.e. 100 million USD) to whomever among the students succeeds in killing the teacher, whom they have named "Koro-Sensei" (Un-killable Teacher). However, this has proven to be an almost impossible task, as not only does he have several superpowers at his disposal, including the capacity of moving at Mach 20, but he is also the best teacher they've ever had.

Where do I even begin. Firstly Koro-Sensei himself, voiced by Sonny Straight in the English Dub. He is a fucking riot. His face is always a smile and he shows expressions by changing his head's color and eyes. Not only that, but even though his students are also his assassins, he really cares for them. Even saving some of them when some of their intentions are to kill him.

That leads me to how they can even think to try and kill him? Regular weapons will not work. So the government gives the student anti-Koro-Sensei pellets and knifes that are extrmely deadly to him and his kind. Honestly this is a fantastic idea and I love the uses of the pellets in their plans. Nor only that, but it gets watchers like me thinking, "How would I go about killing him with the supplies they are given?" So many plans are used; like a pellet covered baseball, a "Suicide Bomber", as well as laying them on the floor for him to walk on.

Not only that, but the characters are all fantastic. From another amazing Monica Riel performance, to fan favorites Nagisa and Karma (Karuma). Overall this anime is A++ material as well as one of the new "Broadcast Dubs" For those who do not know of Broadcast Dubs, pretty much Funimation lets the sub run for a bit, then record the dubs weekly so as to give a constant stream to fans of dubs.

And so there are my NEW top 10 anime. What did you guys think? Leave a comment down below and if you have a favorite anime that did not make the list, please tell me about it so I may watch it. I will see you all later Satellian Nubs and Nublets.

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PostSubject: Re: Necro’s Birthday Celebration Topic! (Top 10 Anime I Have Seen {REDO})   Mon Aug 03, 2015 2:54 am

is it bad that i guessed your top 3? x.x and y u do it at mid night why not in the morning Dx ether way its a good list mate and happy B day Razz


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PostSubject: Re: Necro’s Birthday Celebration Topic! (Top 10 Anime I Have Seen {REDO})   Mon Aug 03, 2015 3:09 am

I KNEW Assassination Classroom would get number 1,  but I was a little disappointed that Hunter X Hunter (2011), Noragami, Parasyte, and Polar Bear Cafe didn't make this list or an honorable mention, but it is your opinion. I'll post mine here as well, but might be a bit shorter in length and depth.

Number 10: Fate/Zero

This anime really blew me away with how it was told. Not only did it somehow manage to tie in multiple storylines from different points of view, but it also displayed why everything is the way it is.

Fate/Zero has two parts, but each is technically it's own story, the second being Fate/ Stay Night; the prequel to Fate/Zero iirc. Set in modern times, humans discover "heroes" represented by famous histortical figures by finding artifacts that those people once owned, such as Alexander the Great's Cape or Lancelot's sword(I think it's a sword?). The holy grail basically grants one the title of a god, infinite riches, the typical "dream prize", but it goes much deeper. I will try not to spoil, so I will stop here. Definately reccomend this anime, but whichever of the two you watch first makes the other season a bit boring.

Number 9: Accel World

Hate being bullied because you're short, fat, and unpopular? Well this is something the anime tackles. I found this anime relatable to my younger years when I was indeed that kid, minus the short part. It really goes to show that anyone could be a hero, as well as a villain.

Accel World is like SAO in a few ways. You will catch onto them as I explain.

Set in the near future, a young highschooler named Haru(Akita Haruyuka?) lives his daily life being threatened by bullies and such. To escape his troubled life, he activates a virtual reality device every human gets installed at birth, which allows their minds to be transported to a virtual realm that resembles an MMORPG, with his avatar, idealy, being a tiny pig. The only thing he does in there is avoid people and play virtual tennis, racking up points to beat high scores he set before. The next day he sets off back into the game, but finds himself in utter shock to see someone had beaten his score. To his dismay, a young girl walks up to him, who happens to be the most popular girl in the school. (Won't make it too long). She invites him to lunch in the school's cafeteria, where he and her connect their devices and enter their own private "mind chat", where they can talk through thoughts. She passes him a program, which he agrees to install on his nuero linker (the device), called Brain Burst. He trusts her, and she tells him to say "burst link". It stops time, or rather, slows it down to 1/1000th of it's original speed. (Skip).

After a terrible nightmare involving Haru as a silver colored cyborg...thing, he is told she had given him something special, which was Brain Burst. Brain Burst is basically an open world fighting game where anyone can anonymously combat another person using their avatars determined by the user's deep desires through a dream, hence last night's nightmare. The game uses points, and you gain some by fighting in ranked matches and winning, but losing make you lose twice as many points, starting off with a base of 10 points iirc. (Been a while.) Once that reaches 0, the user's memories are erased about the game, the program uninstalls and can no longer be used, ever.

The reason I like this anime so much is because of the theme of "anyone can be a hero if they try." It had very emotional and downright hilarious moments that had me rolling on the floor with my arms holding my stomach, especially the shower scene when Haru is forced against a wall with another girl's body squeezing against him in order to hide him from other girls who were entering, that girl being his best friend. He had wandered into the girl's bathroom because someone had switched the signs for the boy's and girl's restroom.

Number 8: Noragami

Ah, this one brings back memories. A short lived 12 episode long anime which is full of comedy and emotional moments. Let me explain;

Set in modern times, a young girl begins having strange problems. She kept having sleeping spells, and waking up as a spirit with her body left wherever she slept. She recruits the help of a god, whom is a man that looks to be around the age of 18. The god is an arrogant, cocky, messy, and downright poor mess who doesn't seem like a god at all. Throughout the anime he combats "phantoms", ghosts or entities that cross the Far Shore, which is the afterlife, and into the North/Near Shore, which is the realm of the living. These phantoms posses and influence humans, completely consuming them in curruption. Aside from that, he does odd jobs for people as if he was a normal human, asking for only 5 yen for ever job, no matter what it is. His dream is to make his own shrine and become rich and famous with his "godly" glory. If I say anything else, it's a spoiler.

Number 7: The Devil is A Part-Timer!

Okay Necro, great way of putting it and I agree fully.

Number 6: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
That review was great. Agree on every level pretty much.

Number 5: Death Parade
God damn it Necro, stealing all of my favorites!

Number 4: Psycho-Pass

HOLY SHIT, I loved this one. I've never really seen anything like this before, but the entire concept is a view of what humanity is spiraling into within the next 100 years. I will make this very brief, since the anime is very very easy to spoil.

Set 100 years into the future, privacy is now a thing of the past. Almost all major cities on Earth has implemented the "Sibyl" system, a complex security network that scans the minds of all humans and calculates their "psycho-pass", a value displayed in both a number a color to determine how likely that person would commit a crime. Once that number and/or color reaches a certain point, police arrest that person with no questions asked. Depending on the situation/psycho-pass value, that person may be killed on sight without a second thought, good luck. God, I wonder how gamers would deal with it when games would make them angry. *Shivers.*

Number 3: Assassination Classroom

Necro....I love you for putting this on the list. I randomly found this anime on my recommendations list on my anime site, and I couldn't stop watching. Waiting for the next episode!

Number 2: Hunter X Hunter (2011)

A wild mountains boy with the instincts of a wild animal, a boy who looks and sounds like a woman and wants to avenge his clan(didn't know Sasuke was in this anime), a 12 year old kid who was trained to be a master assassin since his infancy, and a guy who's 17 and looks like he's 30 and just wants to make money. What a...interesting cast.

Hunter X Hunter takes place in it's own timeline, not anything like our world at all. Gon, a young twelve year old boy aspires to become a Hunter to meet his father (who abandoned him), and discover why he left them, and especially, why is it so amazing to be a Hunter that it's more important than his family? He has to know! Along the way, begins the Hunter Exam....oh head hurts from remebering everything. Basically, take your finals tests, multiply it by a million then add infinity, and add in the psyichal capabilities of a super hero, and multiply that time a milion and one. You still won't be able to pass that infernal test, so how will this turn out for a twelve year old like Gon? Well, watch it and find out. You'd enjoy the cast of hilarious, creepy, badass, awesome, and downright some of the most brilliant and well thoughout characters I have ever seen, especially Killua and Hisoka.

Now, since Necro did it, I'll do some honorable mentions.

Deadman Wonderland
Future Card Buddyfight!
Kaijudo (Cartoon, but as good as Avatar)
Devil May Cry
Jojo's Bizzare Adventure

Number 1(s): Polar Bear's Cafe / Parasyte


Wow, I didn't think I'd have a tie. I just couldn't decide which was better and had more of an impact for me. One is a comedical masterpiece of a slice of life anime, while the other has amazing plot and action, along with some of the most clever and heartstopping fights that will leave you hanging for dear life on the edge of your seat.

Polar Bear's Cafe(Shirokuma Cafe)

A polar bear who runs a cafe and serves foods and drinks, a penguin with a literal and logical but hilarious mind, and a very lazy panda who just wants to sit around eating bamboo and calling himself cute. Each episode is split into two different stories that take on different sub-plots and events that all fall into place in a larger more general canon. This anime does not rely on flashy fights, romance, fanservice, nor any of the anime cliches to be great in its own unique way. It's brilliant use of characters and comedy along with some inside jokes you can only get from paying close attention is just something that is so refreshing and satisfying to watch, not to mention some of the most heart warming and tear jerking moments I have ever witnessed in anime. I seriously reccomend watching this anime, you will love it.


Aliens are invading, they want to overtake humanity and become the dominant way....but not in the way you think. Parasyte is an anime where a young highschool boy named Izumi Shinichi lives his regular bug hating, anti-social life. While he's asleep, a tiny worm crawls into his room. Waking up to see the jump as it was jumping at him, he paniced. The worm burrowed into his right hand and began making its way upward. He grabbed his earphones and wrapped the cord tightly around his arm to stop the worm from going up any further. When his parents come in, they think he's on drugs(no really, his dad even asks him if he's on drugs.) He tells them to check where the "snake", which is what he called it, burrowed into the hand. He sees no hole, leaving Shinichi in shock. The next day, he finds his right hand to be rather strange. His right hand transformed into a groggily creature who could barely speak. That creature had eaten his right hand and taken over, and was disappointed by how he failed to take over the brain. These types of creatures kill their host, eat the head, then take over as the head and blend in with humans and then caniballize them by eating other humans.

Over time, Shinichi grows acostumed to his new little friend whom he calls "Migi", or "right"(hand) in japanese. The creature soon became extremely intelligent, gathering a plethora of information about everything and anything he could get his hands on. Later he finds out that the little creature on his right hand could be an extremely deadly weapon, forming into faster-than-sound blades on tentacles, guns, and grappling hooks. Shinichi harnesses Migi's power to kill other parasytes, but he begins to change. He loses his sense of fear slowly, also beginning to lack other emotions, which causes problems in his social life.

This anime truly is great. It brought something fresh to the table in regards to alien invasions. Try it out. I garuntee you will love it to death.

I know this list probably sucked since I never do reviews, but god that was fun to write.

Happy Birthday!!
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PostSubject: Re: Necro’s Birthday Celebration Topic! (Top 10 Anime I Have Seen {REDO})   Mon Aug 03, 2015 12:03 pm

Hey! Happy Birthday! I hope you're having a great time, and I just wanted to share my list. I will warn you, I go really heavy with Shonen stuff, so...yeah.

10. Angel Beats!

Why?: I loved this one! It was pretty action based, it had a good concept, but most of all it made me cry. A LOT. Especially when Tenshi...okay, feeling a sniffle coming on...let's move on to the next one...

9. Samurai Champloo

Why?: This anime had a nice touch to it; a perfect blend of action, comedy and drama. I really liked it. I was genuinely surprised when I found out it was Shonen, though. Who would have thought?

8. Kill la Kill

Why?: While it DID over-sexualize the characters ALL the time, I'm actually quite fond of this anime. I feel like I can make a lot of personal connections with the characters, and I kind of like how they structured it. The plot is pretty funny, too, how there's this tyrannical school district trying to enslave everyone with magical school uniforms.

7. Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan

Why?: Ahh! Scary! Attack on Titan gave me the chills, but I really liked the artwork, the storyline, the characters and pretty much everything about it except for the gore, although I guess it was inevitable. Also, Levi is kinda cute...

6. My Ordinary Life/Nichijou

Why?: This is definetly one of the funniest things I've ever seen. These girls live in a cartoon universe where all kinds of crazy stuff happens, and where regular old things are taken WAY too seriously. I loved it.

5. Tenkai Knights

Why?: You might argue that it's not anime. You might even argue that it's only half anime. But to me, this is the greatest mech anime ever made, even though it might seem a little childish. Believe me, it's really great.

(Holy crap, Gen and Beni look EXACTLY like Sakura and Sasuke!)

4. Space Dandy

Why?: There's a lot to be said about this one. Dandy is a down-on-his-luck alien hunter who travels the galaxy and gets into all sorts of adventures. As the theme song dude says, he "combs the galaxy like his pompadour" seeking out new life and new civilzations. Wait, that last part was from Star Trek, but you get this idea.

3. Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

Why?: Shiro Emiya becomes a magi and summons a mystical female warrior named Saber to battle with him. They are about to enter a contest where only one team can leave, and Shiro has second thoughts when his feelings for Saber grow.
*Squeal!* It's amazing! It's awesome and cute and everything you would want in an anime! What's more, the opening was all it really took to seize my attention.

2. Gakkou Gurashi

Why?: This is actually a really new anime, and it's still ongoing. There's only been three episodes so far, but it's still AWESOME! Necro, you need to watch this NOW. I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed. Watch the first episode and don't do ANY research. NONE. Okay? Good! This anime is essentially your birthday present. That's how much I know you'll love it.

Honorable Mentions:
Gurren Lagann
Sgt. Frog
Blue Exorcist(Haven't watched all of it)
Soul Eater(Haven't watched all of it)
Prince of Tennis
Ouran High School Host Club

And finally...

1. Fairy Tail

Why?: Good old Fairy Tail. The anime that got me hooked on anime. It's all kinds of amazing, and it has so many personal relations with me it's insane, especially with Lucy(who, by the way IS NOT THE BASIS FOR TARA.)
Fairy Tail's so great that I'm not even sure I should talk about it all that much. I honestly think you should watch it for yourself, and then you can see how awesome it is, too.
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PostSubject: Re: Necro’s Birthday Celebration Topic! (Top 10 Anime I Have Seen {REDO})   Mon Aug 03, 2015 12:48 pm

Uwotm8? Where is FMA: Brotherhood?
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PostSubject: Re: Necro’s Birthday Celebration Topic! (Top 10 Anime I Have Seen {REDO})   Mon Aug 03, 2015 2:54 pm

For the love of god RESIZE THE PICTURES.
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PostSubject: Re: Necro’s Birthday Celebration Topic! (Top 10 Anime I Have Seen {REDO})   Mon Aug 03, 2015 7:05 pm

10 Akuma no Riddle
Its a kind of more serious anime. Something i like once in a while. It goes about a school. In the school is a special class with a couple of students. THis class is only with girls. TO make it even better. THey have to fight eachother and only 1 can be left standing. Fun righ? Class mates who try to kill eachother ? :3 Also does it have a nice plpot twist ^^

9 Shiki

Its a horror based anime. Its just vampires try to take over a village. THe peopel in the village find out and start to fight agaisnt the. Its a good anime if you like a lot of blood .

8 Sword Art Online
Its a great anime. Good acion. Doesnt need a explanation why its good.

7 Code Geass
Doesnt need much explenation eather. Amaazing anime.

6 Elfenlied

It really got me. I enjoyed the character Lucy a lot. SHe was cute and at the same tiem a monster. SHe kind of made the aniem goodand she carried the anime. The ending was good too. It was a open endign that you can fill in onyour own. To me lucy would come back to them.

5 Tokyo Ghoul
It is overhyped. Still there is somethign that thisanime has that kept me watching. Some feeling that it was awesome. It just had some strange feelings while wtching . Cant really describe. Still the more u see of it the more you going to like it. The fights are also really good.

4 Fairy Tail
Its a long anime. Still it keeps fun too watch . There are not muh moments that are streched out. Te action is good and also the humor. It was a grat aniem and kept me in its iron grip through the whole story

3 Guilty Crown
Damn what is this a great anime . It has really good plots throught the whole anime. I was moved at some points. For xample when Chuu turned evil. DId i want to to stop waching. Great imagination. Well made. Recomand everyoen to watch this anime

2 Mirai Nikki
Mirai Nikki was SSOOOOO GOOODD. I loved the characters. The set up of the anime. What it was about. Everyt episode was good. There were a lot of suprises. Ofcourse there was Yuno who o first was super adorable and then got super evil and did seem to bea psychopath. :3 (Best anime character evur)

1. Sekirei
The best anime ever made. It got action, fan service, humor, fun characters, good story, always fun to watch, best characters of anime history. Ohh and tdid i mention good fan sirvice?
Besides of the fan service. Its a grat anime that is about girls who need tofind a master. The master is the love of their life actually. They fight to try to win. The winner can stay with the love of her lfe for ever. Its a anime thatnever gets boring. 1000/10
Watch this!!
adn Ku = soo cute :3 over 9000 :3

have a nice Birthday. Congratz and i hope you have a great day ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Necro’s Birthday Celebration Topic! (Top 10 Anime I Have Seen {REDO})   Mon Aug 03, 2015 8:30 pm

code geass
code geass
code geass
code geass
code geass
code geass
code geass
code geass
code geass
code geass

LOL fine seriously

i havent watched 10 anime that i can remember so ima try dis

No Game no Life
FMA brotherhood
Kuroko no Basket
Code Geass

theres other ive started but i havent finished or ended up not liking as much
naruto bleach fairytail DtB ;-; yknow i would add HxH but hiatus x hiatus tu strong



no jams for nao o.o forgets the rest of the convo
fakepolo is such a fakepolo nublet it hurts o.o deres a time and place for that .-. HYPE HYPE


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PostSubject: Re: Necro’s Birthday Celebration Topic! (Top 10 Anime I Have Seen {REDO})   Thu Aug 06, 2015 3:34 am

ehhh screw it i will do my top 5 e.e.... even thouhg this is top 10 but you know what i mean x.x

5. familiar of zero

4. code geass

3. rouge hero

2. darker than black

1. a tie between Tokyo ghoul and sword art online


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PostSubject: Re: Necro’s Birthday Celebration Topic! (Top 10 Anime I Have Seen {REDO})   

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Necro’s Birthday Celebration Topic! (Top 10 Anime I Have Seen {REDO})
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