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 Lets not screw it.....

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PostSubject: Lets not screw it.....   Thu Sep 10, 2015 8:31 pm

Numero Uno: I am African, with bits of french, and Italian.(What is a Neon. "Its a type of cheese.")

#2: I have the softest natural dreadlocks this side of the western hemisphere 

#3: I've killed a bird by accident while i was practicing archery, in our schools out door archery range.

#4:Have never held a gun

#5:Going for my 1st degree black belt this winter

#6:Im Surprisingly an honor student believe it or not.

#7:I am a next level procrastinator

#8:So many personalitys. Home, school, family, friends, work, by meh self, and internet.

#9:Astronomy is my passion

#10: LowKey LoL Addict(Look wut u did gaj)

#11: I find all sports really boring to watch, like legit. If i wanted to see grown men violently tackle each other over cow skin, i would just watch my dad and my uncle fight over the last steak.

#12: I've been best friends with my best friend ever since 1st grade

#13:any light shade of blue, is my type of blue

#14: I dont do horror

#15: 3 cats

#16: I dislike all bugs with the passion of 1 million lennys

#17: Have been with the bae for 8 months

#18: Trap remix's are my soul 

#19:I VERY, VERY RARELY, get emotional over anything.

#20: I laugh at about every death in a movie(Except for snape, you where the real mvp)

#21:I take few things seriously

#22: Silent letters in words annoy the living fuck out of me
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Lets not screw it.....
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