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 23 things you most likely did not know about me.

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PostSubject: 23 things you most likely did not know about me.   Thu Sep 10, 2015 8:44 pm


1 ) I have 4 siblings that if which I am the oldest out of all of them, well two of them are my cousins that I lived with my hole life but ya know what I mean e.e

2 ) I have ADD

3 ) im dyslexic but every one probs already knows that

4 ) im a mutt as in im a mix of a hole lot of different racial descent and shit, I only know a few off the top of my head, I have a bit of Mexican ,Japanese ,and German there is a shit tone more but I cant remember all of them XD

5 ) I have never left the state of California, unfortunately

6 ) never broken a bone, a extremely sprained ankle was the most my injuries have ever goten XD

7 ) I plan to become a architect because I enjoy building as well as designing things

8 ) im some what a computer geek I learned everything I know from my uncle, but I will not touch scrips cuz fuck scrips x.x

9 ) there are 11 people currently living in the same house as me

10 ) my most lisend to song is "rascals Flatts, my wish" (don’t judge)

11 ) im allergic to strawberries

12 ) my favorite game series of all time would have to be the assassin creed games

13 ) I am 17, born August 21st 1998.

14 ) my favorite colors are red, black, and gold (can you tell im running out of ideas?)

15 ) I have only ever had 1 girlfriend

16 ) im practically blind without my glasses, CURSE YOU TVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV

17 ) I had a REALLY bad temper when I was young, but as I got older I have learned to control it a bit.

18 ) im a COD fan boy.

19 ) everyone in my house including myself are big football fans

20 ) my favorite restaurant is this family dinner my grandpa use to take me to every weekend called anna's.

21 ) its EXTREAMLY hard to scare me, but its funny when people try to scare me

22 ) I love horror movies, games, ect

23 ) people who try to get me to change who I am, annoys me, like legit it does. I won't change for no one e.e


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23 things you most likely did not know about me.
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