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    Wed Apr 01, 2015 7:25 pm
    Message by Oshu - your characters
    Name: Michael di Angelo
    Age: 19
    Deck: Constellars
    Desc: Sandy blond hair, gold eyes, wears a brown jacket with black undershirt, jeans and a pendant. He holds a Smith & Wesson pistol for self-defense purposes only.
    Class: Agent of the ATZTF
    Zone: Domain of the Stars (Represented by Realm of Light)
    Effect: Once per turn, you can add 1 Constellar Monster from your deck to your hand. Once per turn if a card is returned to the hand from the field or graveyard, target 1 card on the field and destroy it.

    Bio: Born to parents who were both in the police force, Michael wanted to join them as a cop. Then, the Terror Zoners and their tremendous power from the zone spell cards arose. His parents were then transferred to the ATZTF, which inspired Michael to face the Terror Zoners as well. Then one day, his parents went to stop a meeting of Terror Zoners, and disappeared. This left a 9 year old Michael homeless and parentless. Then one day, the captain of the ATZTF squad his parents were a part of, Kanagi Igatoshi, came to him and offered him training to defeat the Terror Zoners and find answers to his parents’ disappearance. So for a decade, Michael trained to face the Terror Zoners. By the time he was 13, he was vastly superior to all other ATZTF members, other than the captains. When he turned 19, he was given a disguise kit by the ATZTF, which allows him to become the Terror Zoner known as Kirajima Yutako. He uses Constellars as they refer to his memories of watching the stars with his parents when he was a boy.


    Side Characters:
    Name: Kirajima Yutako
    Age: 24
    Deck: Evilswarm
    Class: Terror Zoner
    Zone: Infested Arena (Represented by Savage Coliseum)
    Effect: Once per turn, you can add 1 Evilswarm Monster from your deck to your hand. Once per turn, all Evilswarm monsters cannot be affected by Spell and Trap effects.
    Desc: Dark Black clothing, Black Hair,and grey eyes
    Bio: The backstory of Kiarjima is a mystery to all, even his “allies” in his Terror Zoner group. He is secretly Michael di Angelo, searching for clues to where his missing parents may be located

    Name: Makoto Yuki
    Age: 18
    Class: Zone Duelist
    Deck: Saffria Deck
    Zone: Shrine of the Holy Dragons(Represented by Sanctuary in the Sky)
    Effect: Once per turn and only once that turn, you can activate 1 of the following effects:

    Shuffle 1 card from your hand into your deck, then draw 1 card
    Add 1 Light Monster from your deck to your hand
    Add 1 Ritual Spell card from your deck to your hand

    Desc: wears red glasses, a white shirt with a red tie, has bright blue eyes and red hair

    Bio: She was a shy girl that used to be picked on by others for her glasses and her stranger bright blue eyes. Then one day she was rescued by a little boy named Michael di Angelo from her tormentors. The two have been close friends ever since. Then when Micheal turned 9, she learned his parents disappeared in the line of duty and he moved away to be trained to face the Terror Zoners. Ever since he moved, Makoto has thought about her friend and the lesson he taught her about standing up to the harassment. Little did she know that she would reunite with him 10 years later.

    Name: Nozaki Kajima
    Age: 21
    Class: Zone Duelist
    Desc: Blue hair, Fancy clothing (typically a pinstripe green shirt with a red undershirt, and Khaki pants)
    Deck: Noble Knights
    Zone: Round Table of the Noble Knights

    Bio: Ever since he was young, Nozaki has shown interest in the Arthurian Legends of old. With Merlin, Lancelot, and the other Knights as company, he learned of Chivalry, the art of being cruel to enemies, but kind to friends. One day, he met Makoto Yuki and Michael do Angelo and the trio have been friends for as long as they could remember. However when Michael had to move when Nozaki was 11, Nozaki also had to move in with his father, a famous movie star. Being away from his friends bummed Nozaki to no end and he found refuge in the confinds of the Arthurian Legends he read when he was younger. Then one day when Nozaki was away with his mother, his father was murdered in a weird duel labeled a Zone duel. The only clue Nozaki got to the identity of the Terror Zoner who murdered his father was that he had metal claw-like grips on his arms. Nozaki then trained himself in the ways of the Zone duel to face the murderer of his father. Nozaki trusts his life in the forces of the Chivalry of Knights of the Round Table using his Noble Knight deck.
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    Sun Mar 22, 2015 11:46 pm
    Message by Oshu - page 8
    "Nothing much Amelia, we are more or less waiting for Ms. Rose to get here and teach us for the day." said Clyde. Elizabeth looks towards Amelia and asks Clyde who that is. Clyde tells Elizabeth about Amelia and how she is the daughter of the vice principal. Elizabeth then talks to Amelia, "Hi there, I'm Elizabeth. Good to meet you." Elizabeth then hears the teacher say there is a new student and asks Elizabeth to introduce herself. She stands up and says to the class, "Hello, I'm Elizabeth Von Dougherty. I'm also Clyde Von Dougherty's sister. It is a pleasure to meet you all." She hears everyone sound surprised that there are now 2 Von Doughertys in the school now and that they are siblings.

    (mean while...)

    eclipse was looking around the house when he thot to himself "that cowerd cant even face death well i guess i can continue what i was going to do now....first up luke skylar" eclips then left the house and whent on andrews duel runner and drove to the house of luke skylark

    The other boy then stood up.

    "Madame, you forgot about me. My name is Harold Heraldry, I am 16 and I really wish to duel the other new student right now." Harold said in a confident, sinister voice.

    "Wait, you mean me?" asked Elizabeth pointing to herself. The other students seem to want to see them duel, but Clyde gets out of his seat and says,"Ok, ok, calm down folks. I think that this is not the time to duel. Let's save it for after school." Clyde then sits down and Elizabeth says ok to the challenge after school.
    (Morning Break...)
    Clyde, Elizabeth, Cordelia, Amelia, and Jack are hanging out outside in the courtyard talking more about the masked man who is terrorizing Illusion City. Cordelia says she wants to go out and try to find this man and asks if anybody else wants to join her. Clyde sees Jack and Amelia want to go out and is not surprised. But then Elizabeth says, "Um, I want to go too.." Clyde is shocked that his little sister wants to do something like that and says to her, "Are you sure Elizabeth? I mean, I do not want you ending up like those victims in the paper." She then says to Clyde, "I really want to help them brother. Can I?" Clyde then says to Elizabeth, "Just be careful, ok? We just got back together after those 16 years apart, and I do not want anything harming my sister." "Alright brother, I'll be careful." said Elizabeth and she gave Clyde a hug.

    Clyde then thinks to himself, "Something is wrong..." and looks outside the gate and sees Black Star, looking very injured. Blood was dripping from his forehead and his arm looks badly dented. "Black Star?" said Clyde and he and the group went over to see Black Star. "Hello, Master Clyde..." said Black Star looking down to the ground. Clyde asks what happened and Black Star recounted how Eclipse took over Andrew again and dueled him and offered Black Star to join him as his servant to be spared and his escape with the smokescreen. Clyde thought to himself, "Great, now Eclipse is on the loose... If I remember correctly, the triad in that group to face him were Andrew, Arcano, and Vice Principal Skyler. I need to talk to Vice Principal Skyler about it and see if he can help take down this evil force." Clyde then looks at Amelia, who looks confused by what the others are talking about, and asks her if he can talk to her father soon.

    as eclipse was riding on andrews duel runner to lukes house he passed the academy and saw black star and the others eclipse then drove up next to them and said "now black star i think we have some unfinished buisness" he then got off the duel runner wiht his duel disk read to go he then said "that is unless you would accept my offer from before"eclipse then got a evil looking smile on his face.

    "No! My father hates talking about that event and I will NOT let you talk to him!" Amelia had a serious look on her face, Clyde could tell that this was important.

    Clyde tells Amelia that this is very important and that he needs to talk to him or else it is possible that Andrew will be lost forever. Clyde then sees Eclipse on Andrew's Duel Runner rolling up to the academy gate.

    Andrew's body has changed from his white clothes and hair turning black to his blue t-shirt turning a blood red because of Eclipse. Eclipse says he is here to finish off Black Star and that he will spare Black Star if he becomes a servant of Eclipse. Clyde is thinking of what to do cause Black Star has always been there for him all these years since his mistake...
    Clyde then makes his choice....

    "Black Star.... Go with him..." said Clyde. Black Star turned to Clyde and said, "But Master Clyde... why?" Clyde looked down and said, "Cause you saved me and I want you to live you old man... Go with Eclipse and I'll see you again some other time..." Clyde looked down at the ground. Black Star then walked over to Eclipse, who in tern healed Black Star's injuries from the duel they had. Eclipse said it is time they start going and Black Star left the academy while Eclipse hopped on the duel runner and drove off.

    Clyde looked down at the ground and saw a wooden box with the 6 Yugioh attributes carved into the front and a note sticking out. He picked up the box and saw it is the Six Samurai deck Black Star used a lot of the time and read the note out loud:
    "Dear Master Clyde,
    If you read this message, it means that I am gone and I want you to do me something. I want you to be strong for yourself and for Elizabeth and try to find Ian Mckelvin and bring him to justice. I have reasons to believe that famous Daredevil Duelist Jessie Riku is Ian Mckelven or tied to him in some way. I suggest investigating there. Also I leave you my Six Samurai deck for those moments you may need it. Again, I wish you the best of luck and I prey you will be at peace.
    -Black Star"
    Clyde then started tearing up a bit and Elizabeth gave him a hug in sadness. Black Star was lost to the Eclipse powers. "You see what we are dealing with Amelia? That is why I need you to let me talk to Vice Principal Skylar, so as I may hope to stop that thing and save Andrew from it's dark grasp..." Clyde then clenched his fist and thought to himself, "Black Star, I'm sorry..."

    "My father will not talk to you either ways, and besides... he is going back to the duel academy he co-owns either ways tomorrow, you wont have enough time to speak to him!"

    "I'll make time" said Clyde as he walked off to the faculty offices. Elizabeth and the group followed him as he left to talk to Vice Principal Luke.

    Clyde entered the offices of the faculty and asked to speak to Vice Principal Skylar to the receptionist. She said he has left to pack for his trip and that if he wants to see him, he'd have to get to Mr Skylar's house. Clyde curses under his breath and asks what his address is and the woman wrote the address on a piece of paper. You should be able to find it westward of Illusion City Academy's gates." Clyde thanked the woman and he left to get on his duel runner.

    Elizabeth and the gang caught up to him and Clyde told Amelia that he found out their address and that he is going to ride there and talk to him before he leaves tomorrow. Cordelia said the she is going with him to see if she can find out more about her brother's past. Amelia said she is still doubting her father will talk to him, but agreed to come along. Elizabeth asked if she could come with them and Clyde said alright. Elizabeth got on the duel runner she got from Ms. Rosalie and Jack said he'd drive Amelia to her house. Clyde and Cordelia then rode off to get to Amelia's house.

    Clyde and Cordelia arrived at Amelia's home before the others and rang the doorbell. Vice Principal Skylar opened the door and Clyde said, "Vice Principal Skylar, we need to talk."

    after 15 minutes eclipse then came to lukes house then he saw clyde and the others and thot to himself "now why would thay wont to see luke for" he then parked the duel runner out of site and kept a eye on the group wiht out being noticed he then thot to himself "i guess luke will have to what"

    What is it?" Luke asked as he opened the door, he saw that Clyde had a serious look on his face, Clyde then started to ask about the academy and the events surrounding it.

    "Listen..." Said Luke, "I am sure my daughter told you that I do not talk about them days, now if you will excuse me I have a boat to catch." Luke shoved past Clyde closed the door and walked off, he turned back to Amelia

    "Also Amelia... Your mother will be picking you up tonight, enjoy today with your friends as best you can, because you might not be coming back."

    "Listen Mr. Skylar, the reason I ask is cause Andrew has been fully taken over by Eclipse. I'm trying to save his life you bastard. So suck up your fears of those days and tell us what we are dealing with. If not, I'll duel the info out of you." said Clyde with a serious face, "I would not ask you if it was not important. You and Andrew are the only people I know who know about those events and I doubt I can find Arcano anymore and ask him. You see, I care for my friends and their relatives, and I do not want to see Andrew lost to this bastard known as Eclipse. So please, tell us about what it is you faced all those years ago."

    "Clyde... Andrew practically made a deal with the devil a long time ago, Andrew is Eclipse and vice versa so you cannot save him..."

    A car pulled up beside Luke's house, it was Amelia's mother coming to pick her up and take her away, Luke started to walk away again

    "COME BACK HERE YOU BASTARD!!!" yelled Clyde. Then Luke Skylar closed the door and walked away. Clyde punched the side of the building and said, "Damnit... Now what am I going to do..." Clyde looked at the building and told Jack, "Jack, please tell Amelia's father what I am about to say." Clyde then looked down to the ground and said, "Please, tell him that we saw Eclipse riding towards here earlier today and that I think Eclipse is going to kill him. Eclipse seems like he wants to tie loose ends by killing the trio who defeated him 10 years ago.That includes her father, Luke. I seriously do not want anyone to die, even him. So please, tell him what I said and ask him to help. This is a request from the bottom of my heart."

    Clyde then started walking towards his duel runner and looks like he is about to ride home.

    "No Clyde... Listen I know that you want to save Andrew but you will not be able to, it just is not possible to, if I were you I would stay far away from Andrew" Jack replied


    Amelia arrived at her mothers country home a few hours later, she went straight to her room and sat down, looking at her deck, she then looked at an old costume she used to own.

    "Hmm, mum! Can I go to the town Saturday? I think I left something at the house!" Amelia asked her mother, her mother replied with an okay.
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