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 January 1, 2015 banlist

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PostSubject: January 1, 2015 banlist   Sat Dec 20, 2014 2:38 am


super polly


artifact moralltach

dark strike fighter

snatch steal


gorz the emissary of darkness

goyo guardian

dark hole


cards that are nolonger on the banlist:






my thoughts on the balnlist:

this is probily the worst banlist i have ever seen the only good thing in this banlist is morall being limited and super poly being banned yes yes i play artifacts but morall was being abused with sanctum in other decks so this is a good hit. super poly now... it seams like right now konami is hating on heros but i know why thay really banned it it was cuz of the shaddolls i mean really if thay did not ban this thay would have had 2 quick play fusions for exampil (shaddoll fusion, attack superpoly, attack el shaddoll fusion, game?) any ways i give you a thums up for that one card konami. dark strike fighter i have no idea why this card came back to be honest maybe konami was smoking somthing that was to strong for them idk. snatch really what were thay smoking why would this card ever come back its basicly a instint stappel for all decks not only that but snatch steal + bad reaction = oponent foming at the mouth but i guess i can dig up my old burn deck and just go at it. honest ok now its probily ovious why thay semi-limited this card thay wont the $$$ its basicly to promot nobelknights senc most of them are light and satellarknights i mean really? it seams like konami really wonts the $$$ cuz i think honest would have been perfect at 1 but wiht 2 now that opend up so meny OTK options...but any ways lets continue with the rest of the banlist. goyo guardian why?? just...why?? theres no point i garente no one would use 2 goyo in the extra cuz thay would like the space. dark hole, agen....why?? who would ever use 2 dark hole in a deck when raigeki is unbaned. gale the wirlwind, FINALLY! BLACKWINGS ARE AT FULLPOWER AGEN. it what a black wing player would say :/ but in my opinion gale should have never when to 2 led alon 3. mermail abyssgunde, TBH i dont see why this is unlimited now i mean mermails are OP all by them selves then thay got hit and i thot ever one forgot about them but aparintly konami dident and disided that this card should go to 3. reborn tengu, no, no, JUST NO! why would thay ever do this whith shaddolls geting that new wind fusion. thay could easily abuse this in every way imagin this (shaddoll fusion send tengu summon the wind fusion summon a nother tengu attack wiht engu then el shaddoll fusion send tengu agen attack) i mean come on really??. resoning, ok i guess you can say this card is not seeing mutch play any more but at 3 i dont see a point. the treansmigration prophecy,why would this be at 3? so searisly im asking you why is it at 3 cuz i have no idea theres no point.

any ways guys thats my thougts on the banlist let me know what you think of the banlist down below.


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PostSubject: Re: January 1, 2015 banlist   Sat Dec 20, 2014 3:01 am

i like snatch steal back jsut for nostalgic reasons Razz and im happy with strike fighter and the gale at 3 cause i love dem blackwings Very Happy
honest is meh i run tellars and i dont even use it



no jams for nao o.o forgets the rest of the convo
fakepolo is such a fakepolo nublet it hurts o.o deres a time and place for that .-. HYPE HYPE


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January 1, 2015 banlist
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