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 eighteen things u may not no about teh tortoise

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Alpha Tortoise

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PostSubject: eighteen things u may not no about teh tortoise   Thu Sep 10, 2015 7:22 pm

so yah basically copy of moka lol
except less questions and I thought I might make this because it will give other people a chance to know me

1. Tortoise is very musical tortoise plays guitar,viola,violin,piano and vocals (and thinking about starting mandolin

2. tortoise has a lot of mental issues sadly D:

3. Tortoise lives in Bermuda

4.tortoise likes drawing and sketching

5. Tortoises band name is " Top Bison" (pretty cool right?)

6. Tortoise has synthesia (this is when 2 of your senses combine in my case I see sound as coulers but this dosnt happen every second of my life it comes and goes this also gives me a huge boost in music being able to identify notes and play songs with little help this sounds cool but honestly its the worst thing in the world D:

7. Tortoise's faveourite subjects in class are drama,music,,art and history

8 Tortoise is 14 years old

9. Tortoise plays mtg (just started not to long form now)

10 Tortoise isn't to big on playing sports tortoise is more of a creative person though I do play tennis

11 Tortoise has 1 girlfriend and that's Tortoises only girlfriends in his life

12. Tortoise's faveourite couler is green

13.Tortoise had moved to 6 different schools hopefully the school tortoise is currently in will be for good

14. tortoise loves bread

15. tortoises real name is Cassidy


17 tortoise's faveourite band and the band he one day aspires to be like is coldplay

18 tortoise had blonde and brown hair both mixed for some reason

19 I think that's it
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eighteen things u may not no about teh tortoise
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